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Well now...

Lack of real color aside this piece is well done indeed. The creases on the shirts are, for the most part placed in the correct areas and not drawn completely randomly. The perspective is enjoyable to look at and doesn't get boring nor complicated as it draws the eyes from one area to the next. Simple things like the laces on the shoe and the extra line inside of the characters eyes add alot of flavor to an otherwise bland piece. The shirts don't need alot of color but if you do add any in I'd recommend softer colors and lean away from heavier strokes or 'coloring-ins' [for lack of a better term right now] with the shirts. Using a softer tone will ease the strain on the eyes and keep the images overall 'happy' feel that is presented. I might recommend a turquoise for the female and a simple greying of the males shirt. Once again though, I am mostly a black and white pencil artist with no real talent for colors.

On backgrounds though. This image doesn't look bad as it but a 'paint-splatter' background or hard brushstoke background might not be a bad idea. Something that outlines the characters, extends the mood portrayed and adds in creativity. Btw, I presume that the females arm is extended directly behind the males arm. The angle tells me it should be yet it feels like a portion of a finger or two should be poking out from behind him. Then again I am no expert so bleh, ignore me. The subtle line in the females pants is a nice touch [just typing as I see these things or come up with ideas]. It adds something of a texture to the art (pants) and does a nice job telling us what they are. You even threw in the chest area for the female and made it just barely noticable. The yellow hair behind the females head throws the eyes off though. I keep finding myself looking at the yellow behind the black more then anything else. Good for a focal point, bad otherwise...interesting idea though. The hands are done wonderfully, much much better then what I can do (and many other artists besides) but the males left hand (facing you, right hand from behind) is a slight bit odd what with that coloring on/near his thumb area. Ok, imma stop rambling now.

You get a 9/10 for this one because the poses these two characters strike is nearly perfect. The dimensions used were used well and give out a 3D feel, even without alot of shading work. Little touches like the females skirt(?) flapping up slightly and the fade away for the feet on both really adds to the feeling here. Some problems like lack of color and a simple poor decision or two take away from this piece (talking about that yellow on black hair thing going on with the female...just...can't...take...eyes...oofffff....). But once again the good surpasses the bad by quite alot. (I notice that some of the black got onto the females skirt(?), imma just ignore that, crap happens).

-Tony- Very well done indeed, proportions were done correctly, dimensions were cleverly thrown around and the picture pops out with cheerfulness and keeps the eyes interested even with very little color to help out. The faces are so well done that even the eyes show emotion and the lack of alot of shading actually helps this one rather then hinder it. Great job. Expect more from me in the near future. Sorry for my rambling and the fact that I probably repeated myself terribly. Great job. Not quite the much sought after 10 but very close. (though there is one picture of yours that I may just give out a 10 to). Added to favorites and I hope you found my relentless rambling somewhat insightful.

I'll give you an 7 for this one.

This pic is a lot better than your head shot of the guy with purple hair. Your ink job is a lot better this time around but it I really think you could do more with this. Maybe you should take the time to complete it. This piece would have been a 9 but the lack of color and unfinished look of this piece takes away from the overall score. So I'm giving you a 7 for this one but I'm giving you a vote of 4 and I'll scout you as well because I can recognize your potential. One more thing too, I think that your work would benefit from being colored digitally too. This is a really good piece but it just doesn't seem finished to me. Keep up the good work!

Oni-kaya responds:

Yeah, mmh do you have an idea about what colors would look good for the t-shirts?

This artist has not been scouted yet.

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Jul 27, 2009
9:07 AM EDT
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