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Nell and unSEAN vs Nhazul and Ghost

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Jan 19, 2017 | 11:47 PM EST
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Author Comments

Sup stick people, I come again with another creation of the stick variety where its a tag team brawl between stickmen. Team 1 is Nhazul and Ghost who both have a reputation for being hard to kill/ take out. As far as I can tell neither of them have ever lost a match during RHG. On the other side is Team 2 consisting of Nell (only visible girl there, the one in an eyepatch) and unSEAN(who will probably get renamed later considering there is already someone who goes by the name "unsean"). This is actually a rematch between Nell and Nhazul since they had a battle off camera. I'll spare the details and get straight to the point; Nhazul sent an invite to battle Nell, she accepted, the strife took place above the clouds on top of some glass looking arena and Nhazul was the victor. That's all I feel like telling, now here's the cool bit: Nhazul enjoyed the fight so much he wanted a rematch to see what else she could bring to the table. Nell agreed, but jut to make things interesting they each had to partner up with someone who they weren't already affiliated with i.e. neither could say tag team with there respective clan mates. Nhazul agreed whole heartily and they each spent about a week looking through candidates. As you can see they found their partners for the match and can't wait to throw down some serious sticky action.

Random facts: Nell has always been a quiet kid but you'd have a hard time believing it since she so frickin animated all the time. The reason she keeps silent is because of a curse that was placed on her. She speaks above a whisper and terrible luck befalls everyone, including natural disasters. unSEAN over there is also a quite chap, but that's because he's a mime, duh. His orginal name was Basco(or Mary one of the two) the clown until an unfortunate miming incident which turned him to what you see before you. That stuff is a bunch of boring filler so never mind that.

Weapon of choice; Nell(Daggers). She prefers using a fencer stance, but has been known to throw knives as well. Knives in length and weight varies.

Weapon of choice;unSEAN(???). No one is sure what kind of weapon a mime brings to battle but this one has invisible tricks sure to leave you confused. Bombs seem to be a common tool and so are his gloves which act on there own sometimes?!

Ability-wise Nell is a medium which she usually summons from her mouth and unSEAN can create barriers. He also has some weird demonic thing going on which Nell is totally going to use to her advantage.