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Pico Day 2019: The New Challengers


step aside bitches

Really appreciate Newgrounds for inviting me to attend Pico Day this year! In recent years I've felt that Newgrounds has been going through a sort of renaissance in terms of its community and creators. Taking this idea, I was inspired to recreate my version of this Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers poster. I hope to see Newgrounds continue to grow as the community becomes bigger and bigger. OK I GOTTA GET READY TO DRIVE DOWN TO PICO DAY BYE!!!!!!!

Edit: Now with legend!


  1. Tom Fulp, TomFulp - Himself
  2. Captain Tardigrade, ianmichaelmiller - Captain Tardigrade
  3. Schoolgirl, DreaminErryDay - Original Character
  4. Cavewoman 1, W-P-S - Savage Death Valley
  5. Stan, Newgrounds - Nightmare Cops
  6. Chris, Newgrounds - Nightmare Cops
  7. Hogstrong, HappyHarry - Starbarians
  8. Killgar, HappyHarry - Starbarians
  9. Krea, mogy64 - Original Character
  10. Cavewoman 2, W-P-S - Savage Death Valley
  11. Child A & Child B, Ukinojoe - Literally Hitler
  12. Glenda, SomeonesEx - Glenda, the classiest galaxy tourist
  13. Emi, TwistedGrim - Original Character
  14. Queen Dragon (Q.D.), FuShark - Original Character
  15. Jason, Newgrounds - Nightmare Cops
  16. Aya, Gloss - Original Character
  17. Sam, nrvos - Original Character
  18. Dave, Raziberry - Technical Dave
  19. Bear, Speedo - Bear and Bunny Boo ❤
  20. Casette Girl, SoftDon - Original Character
  21. Bunny Boo, Speedo - Bear and Bunny Boo ❤
  22. Bird, cashumeru - Original Character
  23. Ushikko, hatarakiarinasu - Ushikko Sukimi
  24. Mug, nrvos - Original Character
  25. Tangy Mustard, aalong64 - Sublo & Tangy Mustard
  26. Velvet, MatthewLopz - Original Character
  27. Moawling, moawling - Themselves
  28. Skrapne, Gerph - Original Character
  29. Bocadamondo, bocodamondo - Himself
  30. G.G, MisMash - Original Character
  31. Velour, Cymbourine - Original Character
  32. Blondie, G3no - Original Character
  33. Sublo, aalong64 - Sublo & Tangy Mustard
  34. Vivi, Bard-bot - Original Character
  35. Root & Digby, Derbeh - Root & Digby
  36. Nia, DuDuL - Original Character
  37. Maxine, TURBOBALAK - Original Character
  38. Darkman, Ivan Almighty - Original Character
  39. Hyper Piper, deathink - Original Character (DO NOT STEAL!!!)
  40. PhantomArcade, PhantomArcade - Himself

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i like thie s art

Thank you so much again for adding Hyper piper! I was real chill meeting you!

coby responds:

Of course! It was really nice getting to meet you too, you're a really cool guy. Thanks again for the advice!

Dude! This is fuking great. Can't believe you included Q.D. TuT

coby responds:

Thanks, I had to include her! It was great getting to meet you at Pico Day by the way :D

This fucking rocks!!! Me n TwistedGrim named all the characters we could!

coby responds:

Thanks! I tried to keep the character pool within 201X-era Newgrounds with a huge chunk of them being art portal originals, so we got a lot of relatively recent newcomers on the table :)


coby responds:

i'll let you later

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May 11, 2019
1:38 PM EDT
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