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Scorpion sketch


I have been doodling and doing art my whole life, but in 2015 I decided that I want to actively work on improving my actually technique and skills. I'm hoping even my cartoony artwork will benefit from more life-like practice.

I drew this on the 22nd. I used GIMP to shrink his head, which I had screwed up. Despite it's imperfections I am quiet happy with it. It is the first thing I have drawn this year that I felt was remotely worth sharing.

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Now this is really good for a full body sketch. Your problem area seems to be the thums and hand areas. Other than that this is the best I have seen you do so far and Amy too. Good work.

Hmm. I will make a critic if you want, mostly because i hear that you want to improve, and that makes me really happy! Artists help each other! (Unless you get zero bombed in the art portal and makes you want to strangle people)

Well, let's start from the top. As i made a little detective thing i found the image that you drew, so i will use that to compare. Overall it's a great drawing, you did an awesome job. I love scorpion, so you opened my feels.

There is just a few, weak points, like everything has!
First of all, the artist's nightmare, the hands. Hands are really hard to draw and mostly i can't et them right without a lot of practice and references. The toe (or big finger, i don't really know, the one that is fatter. English is not my language) in the right (right of the character) hand looks very toonish, maybe it's not very stilized. It's ok though! The left hand is the weakest, specially if you take in count that it's basically an outline and there is not much to see. The toe in this case goes out in a way that i think it's impossible, or maybe too toonish. Also, it goes out from the middle of the hand, wich means that the lower part of the hand (that i'd call in a really dumb way "the cheek of the hand") does not exist.
Sorry for all that error pointing, seriously. Hands are incredibly hard, but with a little of practice you will make them really good. I can say that because the right hand is really good, with the only weird part being the toe. If saying toe is incorrect, please someone stop me because i am making an idiot of myslef, hahaha.
Legs look really weird for now. I will review their upper part first and then go to the lower part.
In my humble opinion, you made the left upper part perfectly. There is nothing wrong at all, and it goes well with the body. The right upper part is the weird one. I just can't see how the leg would fit, if both legs have equal size and musculature. And aso counting the air inside the pants. I guess that maybe there should have been more space in the northern part, giving it a bit more place to have the upper leg. I guess i am talking nonsense here, sorry. I am really bad at reviewing, and even more at explaining myself.
The lower part of the legs are good, but maybe the knees took way too much space of them, having the muscles start really low and making it look strange. This is just my opinon though: the reference you drew has the legs more or less like this, and i think that drawing is from a MK artist, so i guess that person knows more than me.
The right lower part is really weird though, because the leg is quite big where it joins with the foot. Stilyzing a little bit there, and that's it.
The right feet is really strange, and the thick leg maybe does not help. I think it should have been a little bit more horizontal and also try to do them less L shaped, because they are more like a triangle. Ok that was bad explaining at it's best. After a bit of tought i concluded i have no way to explain myself better in that, sorry, really.

The best is basically the same as the drawing, and it looks perfect. Hey, i really apologize if i sounded rude or jokey or anything. I hope you take this for the better! Trying to improve your technique and skills is something everyone should do! So it's a good step, man.

Keep drawing!
No stars for now, sorry. But i hope this helped more than stars!

Noodle responds:

I appreciate you taking the time to write out a critique. Thank you for this!!
I definitely need to work on hands. The "toe" finger you are referring too is called a "thumb". Don't be embarrassed by your English, you did a very good job of explaining yourself!

I will need to study anatomy so that I can more easily spot my own flaws without the need to compare to something else. You pointed out a few that I hadn't noticed, which is very helpful.

I appreciate the review, and yes, it did mean more to me than stars. So thank you :)

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Jan 27, 2015
12:20 AM EST
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858 x 1632 px
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