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It's been a while since I've take pen to paper and sat down to draw everyone's favorite mistress of chaos, Anarchy.

Anarchy, I would say, is a character close to my (apparently twisted) heart, and apparently has a bit of a fan base going for her. As my mentor :iconshizzumaru: said to me on the matter, people just love characters who rebel against authority, with is Anarchy through and through.

In the last four or so years that I've been drawing her, Anarchy went through a few minor changes:

- Originally, there was no red streak in her hair. Just plain black. When I decided to make her model a little more 'hardcore', I added the red streaks in her hair to complement the rest of her outfit.

- She also had no guitar, either. I figured that she would have needed something to stand out a bit more as rebellious, and, nothing's more rebellious than metal, am I right? Aside from belting out (sometimes literally) killer hits during her underground rock concerts, she also uses her guitar to fire concussive sound blasts at her enemies, which can range from knocking them back and giving them a sever headache to making their ears explode. She also uses it as a form of hoverboard (using those same soundwaves to levitate)

- The chains around Anarchy's wrists (a somewhat ironic part of her getup) have a more spidery pattern to them from last time. Also, gone are the bulky skull pendants at the end (which over-complicated her costume). She uses those chains to bind her enemies (probably out of a desire to get even with those she views as 'binding her'.)

- Anarchy's hair is a lot more flowing and 'wild'. It's also more reflective of the fact that she's of Asian descent (if that makes sense.)

Couldn't think of a background at this point in time, but enjoy this in the meanwhile. Maybe with enough responses, I'll draw more of her later on. See ya. =)

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fine-go ahead and draw something that requires me to give a higher score-thanks. I have an evil aura to keep up, but a character that wants to kick A** and take down the government? fine by me. I don't care about the background (I never draw them either-If you check out my art you'll see that), but the character seems a little too uninteresting at some point. all of the imagery seems to be too stereotypical for such characters-the Sex Pistols used guitars, and I've seen many characters with chains n' anarchy hand in hand. nonetheless, the entire thing is pretty good. nicely drawn, looks natural, and very, VERY pissed off at the government.

Background is left to the imgaination...

...which is why you lost a point, relax, just one point, and I love it. Kinda wondering about the chains? Irony I guess, but they look more like weapons so maybe fighting fire with fire? It's great either way, thanks for drawing it.

This is nice!!!

Congrats, excelent image.

DAMN that's good!

This is like my first day on NG, and, I have to say, the art here is AWESOME~ Kicks dA's Ass lol jk, I love dA.
THis makes my first favorite art piece on NG XDD

Now thats cool!

This is awesome! All it needs is a background and I would deem it as perfect!

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Nov 5, 2009
12:55 PM EST
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