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Say hello to the lovely Diana "Dia" Siren! She's a cute, screwy, and perky succubus who LOVES to flirt and tease with men. Though she has a very devilish appearance, Dia is not evil, and unlike most succubi, she doesn't like to feed off of her victims nonchalantly. She likes to have short-term relationships by flirting and seducing the men who desire her. But nevertheless, she does feed off of their energy; mainly off of those who treat her poorly. For those who are sweet and kind to her, she only feeds off in smaller portions; sometimes, she doesn't feed at all. At times, she just likes to be an unfruitful romantic.

Her breast plates and panties are magically attached to her skin and can only be removed by her willingly. Her arm and leg coughs, however, are permanently attached to her body; it's part of her curse as a succubus (Kinda like a genie). Whenever she's angry, Dia goes into a "Feral Mode," where her teeth grow razor-sharp and her eyes become dark, with her irises glowing a piercing red. The tattoo on her arm says "LUV."

She has a very flexible body and can shape-shift herself into various forms to evoke the fantasies of the men she's with (e.g. Muscles, inflation/expansion, weight gain, giantess, etc.).

Dia also possesses the special power of "Hip-nosis!" With this unusual power, Dia has the ability to hypnotize anyone she wants to do her bidding by shaking her *ahem* "Junk in the trunk" directly at them.

Whenever Dia is overwhelmed with stress, she exclaims her anguish in Spanish.

Dia can be very sweet and sincere when she wants to be. But sometimes, she gets so caught up in her voluptuous nature, she forgets why people are always completely awestruck by her presence.


Dia Siren's Gallery: http://nerdsman567.deviantart.com/gallery/54014424/Dia-Siren-MATURE

Dia Siren © Me

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