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She's still a monster


Beatrice: Good evening.

Scatole: Good evening miss, what do you order?

Beatrice: Actually I'm just here to meet someone.

Scatole: Oh I'm very sorry, but if you want to stay inside you still have to order something...

Beatrice: No sorry I mean, I have to meet someone here in the staff. I know someone who works here, that's all.

Scatole: Ah ok! There are just two people who work here, so I assume you are looking for my colleague? I mean, as long as you are not looking for me hehe.

Beatrice: Does your colleague happens to keep calling himself "D-ray"?

Scatole: Hahahaha! You are definitely looking for D. However, he is not here right now.

Beatrice: May I wait him or... ?

Scatole: You could but he's not coming back soon. Actually I have no idea when he is gonna come back.

Beatrice: Ah crud...

Scatole: If you wish I can collect your pda or cellphone number, and send you a message once he is back!

Beatrice: Oh yeah sure, if it's not much trouble yes.

Scatole: Shuush! It's a pleasure!

Beatrice: A'ight thanks! The number is 1131-2643-1512.

Scatole: Ooook, done. Your name? Just in case...

Beatrice: Beatrice Meala.

Scatole: Be-a-tri-ce...

...hold on...  

"Beatrice"... ?

OH! You are D-ray's old friend aren't you!

Beatrice: Hahaeeh yeah? Kind of... 

Scatole: D-ray has always spoke alot about you!

Beatrice: Not the nicest thing I assume.

Scatole: ...Yeah...  uhmm... 

But don't worry, I'm sure he doesn't mean any of the bad things he says, I know him.

Beatrice: I got used to his peevish behaviour. And I know he means what he says.

Scatole: I see you noticed that I'm climbing on mirrors trying to make him sound a little nice.

Beatrice: Nooo hahaha! Don't worry! 

Scatole: Hehe... actually I think that the only thing that he treats nicely is his girlfriend.

Beatrice: Haha... eh... mmmh... ?

Scatole: And hironically, is not even a person but a thing, so there's probably nobody treated nicely by "Mr.Elite"!

Beatrice: Eehm sorry I didn't follow quite well, what do you mean for... "thing"?

Scatole: He is engaged with a... brioche, that he calls Confettura, or "Confy" sometimes.

Beatrice: AHaha- mmph... hehe... sorry! I-I am so sorry!

Scatole: Hahahah it's true! Didn't you know?!

Beatrice: Eeh noo... he doesn't speak to me very much. Actually, never.

Scatole: Then don't tell him that I told you! I mean, he never tried to hide this thing, but just in case, avoid telling him.

Beatrice: I'll zip my lips... mmmh... name?

Scatole: Scatole! Sorry I should have introduced myself earlier, but when I talk I tend to forget the manners.

Beatrice: Well atleast you have manners to begin with, Scatole.

Scatole: Thanks! Hey, I'm about close the diner in an hour. Wanna have a... coffee, later? Offers the house!

Beatrice: Awwh thank you, but I'd like to not get in debt with "Mr.Elite" anymore.

Scatole: I'll... zip my lips aswell! And besides, to who am I gonna tell that time D wrote a poem for "Confy" at this point?

Beatrice: ...Expresso, with no sugar. Hehe...

Scatole: Deal!

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Oct 22, 2021
8:06 AM EDT
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