The Predator VS Halo Elite


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Very detailed

This was very nice work and very detailed and that whole black and white is still pretty good stuff, I think with something like this you could really push some color just like drips off the skull have some green slime or blodd and the rest black and white it would really set the tone on this one.

Some small parts of colored blood or slime.


Awesome Pic. I have played Halo since CE and I KNOW the Predator would kick a Sangheili's Ass! A. The Predator has cloaking (Yeah I know that the Elites have it too) However the predator also has Heat-Vision as well as other varieties of vision modes. B. Yeah the Elites have sheilds, but as seen in the games they do SHIT against hand to hand combat and energy weapons (i.e. wristblades and plasma casters) C. The Predators are known hunters of sport, and the hunter party only requires 3 members. The Elites hide behind the grunts. So One on One. . . who is the better Badass?

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Ha! The Sangheili are part of the Strongest force in the Universe! Jut like bungie called The Covenant, you have to get through the Energy Shielding first, and only 26th century (and the Covenants own) weaponry can rip through, as Elites would say "Your destruction is the will of the gods, and we, are their instrument.' Because Elites are like 8 foot tall monsters that rip through anything. Like The Prophet of Truth said "No enemy has ever withstood our might.' No enemy ever will. Humanity scored a minor victory, If it wasn't for the Flood, the Rings would have been lit and the Galaxy would have been cleansed. People only make pics like this because they don't know about Halo AT ALL! You have probably never played it! Also, the Covenant took the technology of the Forerunners, so this picture, is futile because The Sangheili would have been with others. The Elite won, because the Prophets used their tech to bring it back and gut the stupid abomination and have it's corpse paraded around High Charity. FOR THE COVENANT!

nel9784 responds:

Of course I played the game, that's why I drew the picture to begin with. Don't think to hard about the picture, I drew it because I'm a fan of the predator just like it's obvious that your a fan of the elite. The way I'm seeing it you didn't do your research on the predators .. they had comic books and novels explaining why they are the spartan's of the universe.

But that's not what's important, I can know everything about one thing and you the other ... the point of these pictures like this is to cause controversy. There is really nothing to argue about I'm an artist, I grew up around the time of the predators so I drew it. If you want me to draw it the other way you can always pay me and you can show it off and see how many people would rant about the predator being the best.


Predator is the winner!!!! Amazing man I really like it 10/10 5/5

RIGHT ON DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love the way you drew the skull and dredlocks

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Oct 17, 2009
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