Hunter Space Fighter

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Hunter Space Fighter

Author Comments

Space fighter of original design rendered in line-art style out of 3D studio max. If all goes well, you should see this soon in an upcoming animation.


I'm afraid I can't let you do that Nanashifox.

Nanashi responds:

I'm confused. Let me do what? And who is Nanashifox? O_o

That looks fun to fly! Kudos on keeping everything proportionate, symmetrical, and overall looking great!

Since the metal plating shade of grey is kinda trying to blend with the grey fuselage of the fighter, it would be a good idea to make the background either a black tarmac kind of look (so the machine pops out more) or to give the fighter a paint job for the same effect.

In a futuristic setting of stealth-defeating detection, I'm sure blending in to the blackness of space is the last of their worries. :P

The 3-Dimensional attention to detail all over the Thermal Radiators are really eye-grabbing, and I'm loving the plausible details all around the cockpit. Like the Rescue release latch, the cut of certain panels, it all looks great.

The idea of the Omnidirectional Engine Pods on the very tip of these slender Predator / Reaper Drone looking wings raises concern of the payload capacity of the wings. They're long and slender, and I'm sure they're made of intense materials. SPACE materials, even...but its really the only detail in the design that I'm curious about.

Granted, in an animation, it would frantic and awesome as it's doing spins and maneuvers, absolutely TESTING the wing's ability to not snap off...and then it needs to abruptly pitch down, so the pilot is blinded by a pillar of fire shooting upward right in front of his line of sight...hope it's not leaking fuel, or catches on fire, because now the pilot is terminally IFR for the rest of the mission.

Also, there's an additional set of wings or kind of "fins" that are in between the Thermal Radiators and the cockpit. They're prominently featured in the top view, I think I can see where they end, aligned with the rear "X-wing" stabilizers, but on the side view...I suppose they're mostly hidden behind the top OmniDirectional Pod, but they don't seem to lend any significant stability to the design. If they were shaped to look more like a long-range comm or sensor array, that would lend strength to the design, in my opinion... wings have no function in space but a surface. There's no airflow, and no real need to generate lift. It's got plenty of thrust to compensate for that! :D

Great design! Reminds me of many a cool sci-fi. Can't wait to see it animated!

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Nanashi responds:

What a thoughtful and comprehensive critique. Thanks!

In response, I'll try to address some of your concerns.
First, the engine pods. The idea is to move the thrusting units as far away from the center as possible in order to gain a mechanical advantage over moving the ship in zero gravity. You'll notice that the 'wings' or engine booms are actually quite thick compared to an aircraft wing, as they have no aerodynamic needs. To add to your concerns though, you should also know that the wings hinge back 90 degrees for storage, so the structural challenges in this area are vast for sure.

The rapid pitch thrusters are a serious design flaw that I chose to leave as is. Without going into too much detail, these fighters are generation two, but are still the result of a VERY rapid development cycle with very little testing (The colonies needed some sort of defense craft while capitol class ships are being built). Additionally, these thrusters are actually high-energy ion engines, which emit very little visible light when operational. Fire is a non issue, as the cockpit is the only pressurized and oxygenated location, and the engines use an electrical fuel source.

The craft is actually designed to undergo some basic atmospheric flight to facilitate emergency landings, so you'll notice the wingletts actually do have flaperons. The computer controls all flight surfaces during atmospheric flight because of the crafts inherent instability (much like a B2).

Finally, I'm kinda torn on how I want the craft 'painted.' I feel the somewhat boring grey lends to the fact that the craft is rapidly developed (You'll be happier with the MkIII in this area).

You're welcome to PM me if you feel a need to respond to any of the above, and again, thanks for the thoughtful feedback. Though I have responded to most of it, I am not ignoring the concerns you've raised.

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Credits & Info

4.47 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2013 | 7:15 PM EST
File Info
1920 x 1080 px
529.9 kb

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