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The Three Goddeses Reworked


I was given a great amount of suggestions in corrections to the first design and let me say i'm quite pleased with the results.

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It's good but... the material under the goddess' pedastals are kind of see through, and looks like painted glass. And also, The triforce should have a little more deep bit of orange in it, so it looks gold. Or you could just paint it gold lol


great but

is that the reflection of the castle in the upper right of the picture

"Professional Triforce Holder Synopsis"

-Yes, this is a sight to behold, and yes it is rather stunning. 9/10 5/5
"I really enjoyed the far-point angle of this newer version".
"BUT" there are a few things that could have been better. When I think Triforce, I think of solid pure super reflective Godly gold, "If you know what I mean". The lower Triforce peices have a neon green tint and it doesn't really bring out all of what I really want to see, such as the glow from Farore and Din and not just the glow from Nayru. Im just saying it looks like you had a lot to work with from your previous Canvis. To tell you the truth I like the first one a little better(Notice I left No comment on your first Goddeses Art, it was a masterpeice). Another note is that the water seems a little over sized, it makes them look like small trophies.(LOL just like in WindWaker)
With that said, this picture is very impressing, but the thing I like the most is that it gives me the most nostalgic feeling. The inner longing to play more Zelda.
-THX, This picture made my day and I will be revisisting my Zelda roots very soon.
As an artist you must suffer through much discrimination and endure pain you have never felt before, its a Journey and a long one at that. So all i can say is make the best of it and enjoy every drop of life you can grasp.

With Words of Wisdom, Power, and Courage... sincerely
Derrik DeMore
p.s. Please Comment (How am I doing as a Professional NewGrounds Critic?)

Nanakisan responds:

wow.. I missed your stunning comment! Thank you so much. you did exceptionally well with your criticism! all the details you pointed out were quite true. hehehe i may have to point one change you did miss. look at the hands/hair/and each of the dresses. each goddess has her own hair style and i made the dress part that touches the base i ntheimage to each have their own markings. thank you again. I plan to do another reworking of this image soon.


Completely blows my mind. Love the rendering. Truly amazing!!!

good painting

I always liked zelda, nice to know someone would take the time to make a nice picture for it.
(Oh, and Blobsy, yes it is, it's the three goddesses surrounding the triforce)

Nanakisan responds:

Thank you, i'm a tru to the bone zelda nerd and stuff like that mainly due to the imagination that is easily inspired when thinking about their world.

also on a side note please don't say things about other peoples comments. it makes you look like a troller and i don't tolerate trolling on my submissions. Thanks again.

Credits & Info

4.60 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2010
11:45 PM EST
3D Art
File Info
1280 x 1024 px
2.1 MB

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