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Made this for class.

Based on this photo: http://500px.com/photo/52 45487
(Photograph taken by: Elena Serebryakova)

*Update* So anyways I've been getting alot of backlash from using a referrence photo and not crediting the person. And again I apologize for not crediting the original photograph.

That said, I did not simply doctor the photo.
I attempted to recreate the original photograph through digital painting.
Here's the .psd file: http://www.newgrounds.com /dump/item/31da412edcbfe3 97366a0db30a65270d


I love it. I think the hair and the yes really look great together and the background caught my eye as well. Very nicely done, keep it up!

I downloaded the .psd file and checked it out, just out of curiousity. No offense but I think your claim that you haven't "doctored the original" is a blatant lie, as for one: the photo is included in the file. You also even have a layer called "Lineart copy", which is basically an outlined version of the photo, the snowflakes are drawn right on top of the original ones with some minor additions and that blue "background" layer seems added afterwards to further deny any sort of copying. That's pretty cheap man. However, you still did a great job with the colors, the actual painting job is done quite well. It would simply be more impressive if you painted this either completely freely or just by LOOKING at the reference photo. That, however, takes much skill.

These are all accusations based on my personal impression of your .psd file though. It just seems very fishy to me. I still give you 3 stars for the end result, because as I said you did a great job coloring it while being able to maintain a realistic look.

The photograph was beautiful, and this painting is just gorgeous. I don't care if the hair doesn't look entirely realistic, I feel like that "drawn" feel to any art makes it have a certain beauty to it. Perhaps some finer details could be touched up on, but overall, this is absolutely fantastic.

Pretty incredible man. I like the setting, the expression, even the nice contrast of her hair to the surrounding. My only crit is that the hair feels a little flat compared to the other elements.
Awesome though, very awesome!

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I have seen plenty of work like this sell for a lot of money; it's art work and it's a medium - who cares what others think? (Though I agree that crediting the photographer is good, but taking your own photos is better) Great art. I have seen artwork similar to this that is done with ballpoint pens, have you seen it? It's amazing. Allan Barbeau on Flickr is a good example. Wish I could find the artist I'm thinking of, though, has a vivid redhead similar to this one, though not in snow.

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Sep 14, 2012
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