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This is a DevArt ID wich I made to replace the old one. Took some of my work into this one scene.
Some works:
Companion Cube,
TARDIS (Yeah!),
Sonic Screwdriver,
Keyblade (In scraps),
Yoko's Rifle (and few batteries/whatever),
Wrench (and 2 bolts)

HiRes is on dA: http://fav.me/d28hf0h (also has links)


sir, you are god

you've combined three of my favorite things (Doctor Who, Kingdom Hearts, and portal), into one awesome 3D image. the only thing I can complain about is that the weighted companion cube is entirely white ( there's no inner grey, and the creases in there aren't colored in. just the hearts), and the glow from the sonic screwdriver is a bit darker (it's more of a navy color). of course, I'm just nit-picking, these are still awesome. I thank you for making this.

MRXII responds:

I know the cube isn't properly colored, but somehow that just has passed on. (Maybe someday, when I can break from my laziness...)

6 comments down, the stick dude-

Repeat of what was said: "Well it's good to see people without the, "I can't do it, so it must be awesome" attitude." Un fortunetly, it because I can't do this that makes it so awesome, but not only that. I've been a extreme fan of Portal for a long time now(although the only other Steam game I own is GMod... :P), and also, I had a good laugh at the key blade, the SVD, and that, is it an Alien Blaster? By the cube. Nice work! And because I cant acually show it, Ill say it: 11/10, not 10/10. :D

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MRXII responds:

Alien Blaster? That tube on top of the cube? Naahh, but you're on the right track there (Fans know what I mean); it's Doctor Who's Sonic Screwdriver. (The TARDIS/Phonebooth belongs to the same show)

xD keyblade!!

What's that doing there?! xD you are responsible for the death of Sora... ASSASSIN!

10/10 :P


MRXII responds:

I just figured he didn't need it anymore. Not my fault!
Good that this picture brings positive feelings to you. =)


The booth reminds me of Dr Who.......

MRXII responds:

Oh, well, that might be because it _is_ from Doctor Who! =)
(Like I said in the Author's Comments...)

nice catagory of famous game

love the 3-D

MRXII responds:

This has references from two games; Kingdom Hearts and Portal (Valve), one show with two references: TARDIS and the Sonic Screwdriver, aand one anime; Gurren Lagann: the rifle.
So, because people seem to be blind to everything else but the Cube, you mean Portal, don't you?
Still, glad you like! =)

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Oct 1, 2009
7:31 AM EDT
3D Art
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