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Energy Ball


This is an energy ball that I created in After Effects. Not Blender =(
It's animated, this is just one frame. The complete, ten-second animation is at YouTube, here:
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=NncGUM5fAzc

It's still 3D art, it has multiple 3D layers that are animated, with one slider. =D
I like the look of it, should use it in something.

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Oh man

This orange unidentified flying object is perfect for just slapping on my screen and jizzing all over it, for the artist must have taken such effort to slam the mouse against the table for multiple frames expecting that he's made something cool even though it's just an orange plasma piece of shit that moves for ten seconds. Great art, MGL, you'll make the anime equivalent of Mona Lisa with your stupid ass balls that I can't help but just masturbate to!

Okay, listen. It's nice that you made this little... thing and all, and that you animated it a bit, and even though it's technically art- hell, anything is- they don't expect you to just scribble on a program and make it shake and expect that you made something that forms art by itself. Not like I'm actually asking you to make a Mona Lisa, in fact you don't even have to draw a noun or literal concept, just try something that's not only good at inspiring someone or enlightening someone that isn't autistic like these few comments here that are all like "ooh man I'm hypnotized or some shit like totally lol," but also something that's good at hiding how bad you really are at real drawing.

And yes, I can see that you're quite good at drawing weighted companion cubes over and over, and other cube shaped things or corners, but that's not the point! You need to be creative! And that doesn't mean forming polygonal chaos emeralds or putting weapons from your favorite video games onto your little "avatar." I find two or three things that you make out of whatever you use for art that's obscure or creative, but everything else is just stupid. OH MAN, 24 HYUCK.

I'm not telling you to stop making art, no, I'm not telling you to do anything, I'm telling you to be CREATIVE, key drinking game word in this comment here, and I'm also critiquing you for randomly slapping things that you find cool that are based on things that already exist out of your officialism grasp! That doesn't make you rich, that doesn't get you far in life.

If you really want to get popular, which I'm not saying that you do, then you should at least be distinct. Be independent.

This isn't "hating"

This is the normal concept of helpful criticism, just a reminder so that you don't remove this comment in belief that I am attacking you.

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4.46 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2009
10:46 AM EDT
3D Art
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1280 x 720 px
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