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2 Years of Love


Turpentine erase me whole.
I don't want to live my life alone.
I was waiting for you all my life.

Set me free, my..

That is our song, Honeybee by Steam Powered Giraffe. :3 I thought I wouldn't upload this on here since it's kind of boring, I only worked like, hard on me and him and the clouds and the grass and then I was like -art block- :v but yeah IT'S ME AND THE MRSHUSBANDS 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY TODAY. and i typed this thing out about how we met, and id give him a long novel of our love but he has heard it too many times so if anyone is interested, here goes

So two years ago I met him over Xbox. Sounds stupid, right? I'm a person who has always done long-distance relationships, painfully, for years. This one asshole kind of tore my heart out, because of some dumb personal stuff, that I won't ever get into, but I took it hard. I found one guy but he was a god damned weeb, and then I met Bonehouse. For one I thought that was like, the coolest gamertag I have ever seen because 1. I adore names without any stupid numbers or spaces and 2. bones are fucking awesome. But I didn't directly meet him through a game or anything, I specifically remember going on Omegle that one day hoping I'd find a friend, and this guy (Nick, he's a jerkbutt) saying "wanna' join a gay orgy in our xbox party?". And I said I was a girl so it'd be weird I guess, but I was like, whatever. Joined the party, blahblahblah, made friends, added everyone, and then I randomly decided to read bonehouse's bio and shit. HE WAS AN ARTIST. THERE WAS HIS DEVIANTART. I've literally never dated anyone who has like, super-awesome artistic talent so I was like holy shit I wanna' like, know who this guy is, I wanna' find out shit about him. So I messaged him saying some shitty stuff, "Your art is adequete. o3o" something like that. It was stupid, I dunno. Boom bam right there we talked, and got to know each other and shit. Added each other on Skype, exchanged numbers, blahablahlehlha. I can't go into every detail, but we just clicked. I even joined their party once and said some weird shit and blasted Hentai over the mic and then I just kind of, left??? and Hemo told me his friends said that I was like, the female version of him. And I always told all my friends and random people online that he was the male version of me. Like, we started dating 3 days after we met. And everyone thought that was stupid and it wouldn't last long, but two years later - we're doing a-okay, he lives in Texas, I'm in Arizona- and I got to MEET HIM in person last year in June. It was fucking magical. And just, when we first met we had stupid inside jokes (el Hombre Anna and Heembro, shooting the box works, ect.) and like.. I dunno', they're not as funny as they are now, we have tiny inside jokes that are new I guess. But!! Like holy shit I plan to marry this man. It feels weird because we started dating when I was 17, he was 16 - and I'm 19 now and he's 18 - and I turn 20 in April. It's like.. (I say like a lot, I'm sorry) that we were meant to be, dispite the shitty arguments we've been through and a lot of bullshit, but I feel as if we're soulmates.. I hope someday I'm like, a badass semi-famous artist and I can draw us together before our wedding day or something. I know it's bad to fantasize about things happening in the future but pfpfjpds we are MrWife and MrsHusband and we are soulmates. He's said so like, a bazillion times and told me not to worry so I won't. I just
I'm rambling about stupid shit and getting off topic, I could seriously type a novel on our dumb little love story


tl;dr we're fucking awesome and we've been together for 2 more years and hopefully until we're in the ground

its fuckin 1 am and im tired as shit but yeah
he made this his background cause i made it the right resolution size and stuff so im GOOD IM HAPPY
notw i just need to buy Dying Light for us
all of yall donate $1 to my paypal and i will have neough lol


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Owwwww!!! this killed me. You hear so lucky. Plz be happy together

Saintanist responds:

we currently live together :3c

Cute story can't believe I read all of it. Love the picture too.

Happy anniversary MrWife and Hemo!
The meadow and mountains look romantic, and the two of you look even more romantic.

Such a touching love story... AWH, DA FEELS.. I DIDN'T COME HERE TO FEEL!

But in all seriousness, the art is good, but the story...Holy shit. That alone, deserves more than five stars... I wish you both a happy and long, loving, relationship.

Saintanist responds:

; ///// ; thank you so much

if we get married ur invited to da weddin

can any one tell me whaot this says i cant read im blidn

Saintanist responds:

literally leave right now

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Jan 28, 2015
3:16 AM EST
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1680 x 1050 px
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