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Observe as the leper channels the power of the nine tailed fox for some ass whoopin.

I actually started drawing this 2017-03-29 when i was into playing the "Darkest Dungeon". At one point the creators from "Red Hook Studios" shared short comics about the playable characters. One of my favorites being The Leper. He's of royalty, a leader of his people that he was forced to abandon to prevent the disease he carried from spreading. One of his moves is called "Revenge" which gives his next attack a load of steroids. The point of the picture is to show more emotion and lore behind the action. He deliberately makes himself more angry by focusing on all the pain that plagues him. The abandonment of his kingdom, his body deteriorating due to his disease, AND the fact that he is seen as the worst character in the game.

The picture when through a lot of changes and reworks, at one point i changed it to a full body shot where you could see him kneel in anger "argh".

I dropped this project so many times and gave up on it entirely in on point in my life when i suffered from a severe case of "circle-jerking". Then i had enough of my poor habits and started studying Java while coincidentally getting a full-time job as an electrician apprentice. Winter was approaching as was the pressure from the challenges on the usage of Java but also the increased displeasure i was causing my boss. There was a lot going on for me at the time after a long period of inactivity and mind torture, but i was coming to the realization that my boss treated me unfairly. This crushed my will for standing up for myself combined with the fact that i berated myself after making even the smallest of faults. I felt bad coming back to work everyday since. It felt like my mind was trapped in a mist that prevented me from seeing things clearly which caused a lot of mistakes and misunderstandings. During December and January, he left me alone at the top of the skyscraper doing a monotonous task while letting me freeze my ass off while he and his favored co-workers could snuggle on the completed floors. Those were the worst days of my life since elementary school.

Eventually my boss managed to convince the co-owners of the company to get me fired without consulting me, which i was fine with since i didn't want to work there anymore. I was left with a lot of anger of being neglected but most of all because I've been neglecting the self respect i deserved. I'm a lot happier nowadays after doing a lot of eccentric activities like cosplaying for the first time and even taking a run while it rained almost as much as it thundered (it felt like a light show), but if there's anything i got out of this experience was that the importance of self worth. And how you should not stand by if anyone has problem with you. In the end i wasn't nearly as angry with my boss for the things he did but rather about the things that i didn't.

I don't know why i shared this. Maybe i want to shed a light on what goes on beyond the screen, about the person making all these creations. That a lot of people like me experience hardships sometimes. It could be that the picture i made reflects that frustration i used to have. Well thanks if you made it this far. Feel free to share thoughts on your own about anything, me, yourself, the picture or just randomness.

Everything is appreciated.



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Sep 4, 2019
5:25 PM EDT
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