Japanese Wolf


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A tribal wolf made with pencils and more


Jojo, :B

te salio re zarpado chabon, si supieras tatuar queda re copado para un tatuaje! :D,
Abrazo grande. suertee

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If you'd have said this was a vector drawing, I wouldn't have disbelieved you. The lines are all really smooth and solid, which is a really nice touch. And much like the dragon, you've got the body made up of all these little separate tribal-looking parts, but here they're bigger and more complex; entire pieces making up the legs and tail.

However, there's a few flaws in it which kind of detract from the piece. One being the all-black back right and front left paws, the other being the near-all-white front right paw. The black ones seem somewhat underdetailed and the white one just sticks out. Also, the piece of tribal making up the back bends at quite an odd place, making the wolf seem like he has a hunchback or something. Improvementwise, addressing those things would be a definite pointer. Other than that, as before; maybe thinking about adding more of a background; maybe some tribal in a lighter shade to denote grass/trees, or making the wolf tribal even more complex than it is...or perhaps even simpler :P

-Review Request Club

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MonoFlauta responds:

yes i am not adding backgroudns because i am putting just the animal

Thanks for reviewing :)

Needs more practice, but good

For a piece that is drawn freehand, you've not done a bad job overall, but there are a couple of things that need to have a little more attention paid to, just to smooth out the detail:

1) On the hind leg - should that be an encased line, or should it just be a line of fur that is only attached on one side? That looks like a small inconsistency there, that just needs a little more attention to.

2) The circle looks imperfect - I know that it's really difficult to draw circles freehand at the best of times, but practice makes perfect and a soft pencil (4B; 6B) for sketching would be perfect here, as you can correct mistakes easily. Granted, towards the end, when you ink it over, it should look a lot better, but it's getting it there that remains the goal.

Keep up the work and when you get a better scanner / camera, we'll see some more results.

[Review Request Club]

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MonoFlauta responds:

okok, thanks a lot :P
yeah the leg and the circle are bad u.u

thanks for reviewing :)


Haha, I've been playing a lot "Okami" lately so I instantly thought this was Amaterasu on this picture. ^^

Anyway, I don't like this wolf as much as I liked the tribal dragon. I think it's because of the colour and the lightening. The colour is so dark and the lightening is dark as well. So the whole picture looks too dark for me and it almost feels as if I can't see the picture clearly but only shades of it.

So the advice to try and scan the pictures holds true for this submission as well.

However, what I can see looks nice as well. Again I like the "contradiction" in this picture. The forms itself look rather simple, but you used those "simple" forms to create a pretty complex looking picture of a wolf.

You know, if I ever decide to get some tattoos I would ask you to create some pictures for me. Because I think the dragon and the wolf look so awesome it would be a shame NOT to get those tattooed to your body. :D

{ Review Request Club }

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MonoFlauta responds:

Haha i will not have tatoos :P also, great game okami :P

Thanks for reviewing :D


-It's an interesting design having a said Japanese wolf considering that there aren't any wolves in Japan as to my knowledge. I could be wrong but it just takes away from things.

-The right front paw is just glaring at me right now. While all of the other three paws have some sort of shading that one doesn't have anything other than the fine outline and it makes it the odd one out. It makes it look really wierd and could of at least had a thicker paw outline.

-Other than that it looked fine to me though. The pen drawn wolf howling at the moon with japanese lettering on the side is great and maybe needed to be a little larger picture but it's fine the way it is size wise.

-Review Request Club

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MonoFlauta responds:

Yes the most important problem is that i dont have scanner so i took a photo to upload it here

Thanks for reviewing

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May 29, 2010
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