Demonios Felices


Hope you like it :)

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Cool! but where's the color? D:

This drawing is really nice, and would make for a pretty color computer desktop wallpaper. Some of the lines here are nice, and some of them don't connect all the way/ look terrific. I like the little devil thingys, but it would have been nice to see a bit more variation in them.

Things to take a second look at:
- As-is, this looks really rushed; I think you could do better if you put this in photo shop and made intensive edits.
- The Art Portal doesn't usually admit people who don't color their submissions; so why wouldn't you? :[
- The Space behind the middle devil guy seems really empty.

Overall; cool concept, but not exactly a "flawless" execution.


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Kind of weird...

This seems to have 2 different feels to it, which is kind of weird, but works. In a weird way...

The different feels I'm talking about are a happy, upbeat kind of feel, and a more creepy "one of us" kind of feel.

The happier feel comes from all the smiling, and mainly the ghost thing in the center. It is actually kind of cute to be honest.

The creepier feel, as I'm sure anyone reading this can guess, is mostly the fact that all of the ghost things have the same facial expression. Another thing that really gives this picture a creepy feel is how it feels almost like all of the ghost things are kind of staring right at you. Like they're waiting for you to do something. Possibly waiting for you to drift closer so they can consume you?

Anyways, I have to agree with Coop and Knuckstrike about the lack of color. It just bugs me how plain this piece looks without some kind of color. You could possibly add a pale yellowish tinge to the horns and maybe a dark red, orange, or yellow to the blank area surrounding the ghost thing in the center.

This piece is pretty good and I like how it is hand drawn, but the plainness it has just doesn't let it stand out as much as it could. Still, good job.

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Hmm... I like the way that this is entirely hand drawn and not copy / pasted, to fill up the image with carbon copies, which you just tweak, which would be a little lame, to tell the truth.

Okay, so they all do seem to have the same facial expression, which creeps me the fuck out. Where you've added the tongue to the central one, it looks even more strange and ever so slightly off-putting.

The main issue here is a lack of colour. Yes, I appreciate that you've drawn it black and white, because that's the colour of ghosts, but to me, it seems like a cop-out. By that, I mean that while you're drawing white imagery on white paper, you could use the background to full effect, by adding colour around there. Who says that ghosts have to be completely opaque? I've seen popular representations where they are quite translucent and the only way you can see them is that they make the background lose focus. That's a more advanced technique, but coloured pencils can do the trick, if you get the shading technique right.

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Oooh, ghosts.

I like the contrast in this piece. It's creepy with all the ghosts, but on the other hand they all seem very happy.

Some of the ghosts don't really seem like ghosts though. Some look more like worms. The one to the right of the one in the bottom left corner seems really odd, and misses an arm. There are a few who have this. That way it is like you just drew them in a few minutes, and randomly. If there would be some sort of structure in the ghosts, like them scaring someone in a circle, it would seem nicer IMO.
Or make something next to those ghosts. Are they happy because they scared someone, or do they just have a party? It would be funny to see a ghost party.
If one thing was coloured, it would give a nice contrast. Or make the ghost in the middle more detailed. Something that jumps out of the blue.

One of these things would make the piece less boring. It's very nice in its simplicity, but not a beautiful, special or amazing piece of art.

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Aug 9, 2011
7:13 PM EDT
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