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A neat little drawing I made on my phone w/ Adobe Illustrator & Lightroom. Yeah, I draw sometimes too.

Want art for any reason? Shoot me a PM anytime.

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You're talented in art and music. You seem smart and rational.

But with your recent actions I'm starting to believe that you can be the most amazing person ever and none of it would matter. You explain how much of an asshole you are like you won a noble fucking prize. I don't know why you seem to think being a narcissistic low life sociopath is a good thing. I mean I'm not even sure why you have friends, or how you're enjoyed at parties, if you even are at all. It's silly that you had to over react so much because I was genuinely curious about your content and whereabouts. Your friend answered my question perfectly and then you publicly condemn him.

I'm sure this will also be removed because I'm simply stateing the complete obvious and truth and this comment would simply ruin your image of what you really are. None of what this says will matter to you, I'm sure of it. But you handled this terribly and I think you treat your friend like absolute fucking garbage. I bet you haven't even thanked him for the huge public shout-out that has gotten you a lot of love. Sickening. I'll see myself out, as will others that agree.

MollusK-Music responds:

You seem like you have a hell of a nice social life to find the time to attempt to insult:

1. Someone who doesn't give the slightest fuck as to the opinions of others, pertaining to himself.
2. Someone with whom you have only interacted over the Mother. Fucking. Internet.
3. Someone who actually possesses a social life.

You claim saying the things you have will ruin my image, yet you also seem to think that it's pretty clear I've done it on my own with my actions, no? Are you insinuating people would be too stupid to realise it without the immaculate conclusion you've come to?

You seem to be confusing me with someone who would actually care. You also may think that I'm some one-off case. News flash, plenty of people act just like me, so you attempting to make me seem like a special fucking sociopath is just pointless.

You also use the word 'narcissistic'. I'm beginning to wonder if you have the slightest clue as to its definition. I'll lend a hand: It boils down to; someone who constantly talks themselves up and acts as if they are greater than they are. Or simply, always mentions how excellent they are if they believe they are the slightest bit proficient. I've gone on record, IN YOUR FUCKING PMs to say that I "Have no talent" Yeah, what a narcissist.

Also, there haven't been any comments removed, so don't start with that, "Don't want people to see the truth" shit. The moment I turn them back on, they'll all show up, all twenty fucking six on that post.

I also believe I handled it rather well up to this this point. I said, - very kindly, politely and formally, mind you - that I don't want prying into my social life. Simple. Instead of accepting it and moving forward you continued as if I were speaking Swahili. Yes I was indeed overreacting upon having to repeat myself, unnecessarily. Because most people love that, right?

Now, did I ever relate being an asshole to a "NOBEL" prize, in the slightest? I think not. I didn't glorify it, I didn't make it sound incredible. But I also didn't fucking sugar coat it,"good golly gosh, I can sometimes be a little bold. Sorry 'bout that, uh-huh" I'm just being fucking real.

Now, I don't want to completely trash your comment, seeing as I'm sure you spent a lot of time looking up many of these words to argue with someone - not to sound like a NARCISSIST - who more than likely has a pretty significant advantage IQ-wise. I'm no fucking genius. But I know the difference in spelling between "noble" and "Nobel", and I know what narcissism is.

Let's dive into this gem of a half-sentence:
"I mean(,) - < there should be a fucking comma there, dipshit - I'm not even sure how you have friends."

Maybe, because I'm a genuine person who doesn't act like a damn sheep and doesn't attempt to censor himself or others.

Maybe, because I don't spend the time I could spend with friends attempting to get a rise out of someone I don't agree with on the internet. Did I just admit that I fell for your plan, and I took the time out of my day to respond? Meh, I had some time to kill and figured it would be fun. It is.

Maybe, because I consciously attempt not to overstep the boundaries of others and will take a hint - mine was VERY obvious - when I have done so.

Maybe, because I will apologise and learn from my mistake if I perform the above misconduct, as opposed to insisting that I am the victim and played no part in possibly upsetting the person whom I have wronged.

May I ask:
Do you have friends, sir?

So, do I really fucking care what you have to say about me or my actions?

Do I really fucking care that someone is trying to "ruin my image"?

Do I really fucking care that some people who will agree with you aren't fans?(News flash on that one: 7.4 billion people - my current fans = people who are not my fans. That fucking stings, ow!)

Do I really fucking care that you can't discern the difference between "noble" and "Nobel" when you clearly had some time to revise your carefully laid out attack.

No. Well... the last one is a little bothersome, I'll give you that.

Now, I don't think I need to write anything else here, do I? I feel that it's more-or-less become gratuitous at this point.

So, if you do pursue music, good luck to you. I look forward to hearing it, you troglodyte. If I may, allow me to offer some advice. Next time someone does something you don't agree with, don't pull this shit. Most people aren't as kind as myself, and they'll kick your fucking ass for this kind of shit. You don't have to take that advice. But you clearly have the time every day to peruse my page and attempt to insult me for stupid shit. So, you have plenty of time to think it over. If you choose against it, at least film yourself getting your shit kicked in. It would make for a nice Kwanzaa gift. Put a bow on it, teal please.

You've said you would leave three times already, so please see yourself out now. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

P.S. The sun might burn a bit. So take it slow, Mr. Internet Cop.

It's actually really good, And I know a lot of people that would pay for art like this, no joke. I'll tell you more about that at a later time. Cool stuff.

This artist has not been scouted yet.

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4.38 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2016
10:24 PM EDT
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1604 x 1604 px
754.7 KB

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