Run Gordon, Run!

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Run Gordon, Run!

Author Comments

Gordon is about to get eaten by a giant fish equipped with a jetpack. Can Gordon run fast enough to get away in time?


woah :o... wha?

This is an interesting picture... but if you have all of these stories thought up, why not animate them?

This picture isn't horrible, but it could use some major work...
I didn't really get what was going on until I read the description...

Things I would definitely fix
- That "Jet-pack" could use some work
- The guy running from the fish doesn't look too bothered by what's going on... so why is he running?
- I don't think that the background should be as blurry as it is... your perspective is a bit off
- Most features in this picture have very little detail

Overall; not godawful, but keep working at it!
~Dj Sonik

-Review Request Club-

MisterTig responds:

Thnaks for reviewing. lol, yeah I know the jetpack look stupid XD

Gordon doesn't look bothered because... well, he just doesn't. He is bothered by what's going on, but he would rather run than be distracted by screaming in horror, but would trather deal with the matter in a cool manner.
He is running because he doesn't want to get eaten.

Insane pirhana!!

Well this is most certainly a humorous piece of sorts I think. Like how the fish just seems to look demented as it gives chase to Gordon while he runs for his dear life. Also kind of wondering why Gordon is colorless as well just out of curiosity. I guess that is how the people there look right?

Also laugh a bit as you would never expect a fish out of water with a jet pack in a place like that of all places too. Pretty cool piece though. The ground looks pretty solid and looks alright as well. The wall is also alright and cool with me. I also see part of an image, nice.

Overall, very funny, I enjoyed it a lot.

Review Request Club

MisterTig responds:

Yes. That is what people in Gordon's world look like. Thanks for reviewing. Gordon's world has a tendancy to spawn insane pirhanas on jetpacks. :D

Umm..not bad, not good either

It isn't very nicely drawn to give justice to the scene that I picture in my mind when I hear "Can Gordon run fast enough to get away in time?"

Gordon seems as though he's walking, because his right foot's on the ground and his left foot's in the air, but it seems as though it's just being lifted slightly so as to give the message that he's walking, because you aren't going to have one foot just above the ground and the other on the ground when you're running; rather, if you want to achieve that, you could've slightly blurred the feet, with both of them far apart and having the tips of them touching the ground, with a duplicate of those feet at transparency 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and so on (the more the transparency the lesser visible the feet). And his arms are just that of a stick figure. Sometimes I get the impression that Gordon is just a stick figure with a bloated stomach and chest.

There's also a look on Gordon's face that doesn't indicate fear and panic, but rather being surprised, cool and calm. That's not at all what I'd be feeling if I'd had a piranha on a jetpack chasing me at high speed, would I? No, I'd be screaming my head off and trying to run the fastest I could at that point of time.

The piranha, which I assume is the species of fish chasing Gordon, is drawn okay. but what is that black thing near its "arms"? Is that an outline? I sure hope not, because the arms are WAY smaller than the said outline!

The expressions on the piranha and the person are switched -- the person should be having an expression of that of the piranha's, and the piranha should have a poker face. After all, it's not scared -- it's a PIRANHA!

The jetpack on the piranha, sorry to say, just looks godawful. It's literally two branches at the opposite ends of a wonky black stick with fire sprouting at the ends. Maybe you could've introduced exaggeration by drawing, for example, a jet engine? It isn't that tough -- two elongated white ovals with a slight gradient.

And the floor and the background -- if you look at the background it's slightly blurred, but not too blurred, and the floor? Bah! It's not at all blurred, as if it's just stationary! It's not a P.E class where you run on the spot, it's a person fleeing from a piranha on a jetpack!

Apart from that, the rest of the drawing's okay -- the cap's drawn nicely. But those points, which were the highlight of the image, just brought the whole thing down, sadly.

~~ Summary ~~

~~ Good points ~~
1) Overall okay image
2) Nice cap!

~~ Bad points ~~
1) Bad drawing of jetpack
2) Piranha's arm outline too big
3) Piranha's and Gordon's expression's switched
4) Background, floor not blurred enough to give sensation of running
5) Feet position doesn't show that Gordon's actually running
6) Gordon's a shirt short of a stick figure

[Review Request Club]

MisterTig responds:

Thanks for reviewing. The piranha isn't scared, it insane and demented and has its mouth open cause it wants to eat Gordon.

And Gordon is supposed to look like that. Hes just a character I made up that isn't really meant to look like a real person. Gordon also rarely expresses any emotion, either.

Run gordon run

Run Gordon run its a giant fish grab...........

MisterTig responds:

Indeed it is.

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Sep 23, 2011 | 10:57 AM EDT
File Info
550 x 400 px
114.2 kb

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