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Its a random happy guy. This is not supposed to be a masterpiece. This is supoosed to be just a random drawing I did. Enjoy :)


Pretty strange

Well I am not even sure why he is happy in the first place. Did he set fire to the area or what? I would likely be walking away from the area first to avoid injury and inhaling too much smoke as well too. This image just seems to show he has a random delight in watching people die for some reason.

The building on fire seems nicely done and the guy running away seems terrified and possibly having a heart attack from eating a burger earlier as well I see which makes him rather strange I think. The guy with green hair though just seems happy despite all the chaos going on around him and such making him a bit creepy.

Overall, nicely done, also green hair, hilarious.

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MisterTig responds:

Thankyou! First off, he has got a delight in watching people die. Burning things simply delights him. :D There's nothing he adores more than buildings and people dying. And the guy in the background... maybe he id eat a burger earlier. XD

Not bad for this cartoonish style.

I really like the work you did on the guy in the Background, his face and body positioning are perfect. The main guy that is right up in your face seems to be crazy, and I assume that this is a school he goes to. From there I also assume that the fire in the background is his doing.

The main character doesn't look horrible, but he doesn't look great either; you should really work on those outlines a bit more, and study up on your shading.
Like other submissions you've done, I see shading in some places, and lack of it in others.

You're definitely improving though MisterTig
Keep up the good work buddy!

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MisterTig responds:

Thanks. Yeah I'm going to be better at shading in the future hopefully. :D And yes the fire in the background is his doing.


heaps good, but i did notice the faded blob behind the "random happy guy" just wondering if its a shadow or somthing, anyways, its awesome 10/10

MisterTig responds:

Its smoke.

Not bad...

But not that good either, like you said, not a masterpiece. The "random happy guy" has no nose! Neither does the other person have a nose! The person in the background can be understandable because he's shouting, but this guy...there's more than enough room for a nose to be placed in. It just looks kind of...off.

The "fists" that he's holding in front of his neck have a rather thick outline compared to the other outlines on the person, such as the eyes, or the ears. Talking about ears, they are drawn okay....but there are some random spots on his earlobe...and the ear ring? Is that ear ring fake? Because I can see a part jutting out that is supposed to be invisible, so that it seems as though it's being worn, rather than dangling on the same side and on the verge of falling down.

And the fire...I think you repeated the same mistake, no offence. There's this long smooth thing at the back of the character which for the life of me I don't know, but I'm just guessing it's smoke. It would've been better to put smoke where it was obvious, such as the fire that's actually visible.

And the door...there's a see-through panel that's a bit tinted; nice job on that, it seems as though it's a mirror partially due to the fire. Oh wait, it's a building? Or is it a door? What is it? If it's a building, the people are rather out of proportion compared to the building! The picture doesn't really depict that the characters are far away from the building, because it seems they just got out of the building, else they wouldn't be panicking!

The three teeth on the random happy guy are rather large, and the bite marks don't fit the orientation of the face. The one on the middle should produce bite marks that start up and move to the character's left, not the right. The others are okay, though.

The fists on the other person aren't really given detail too, and the first fist is thicker than the other's outline. There's a "bald spot" on the left of him, with a clean cut, i.e. there are no patches of brown hair there, just a clean skin.

Not bad, though, the emotions of the different characters are shown wonderfully, e.g one is in ecstasy, another is in panic. The backgrounds are also well drawn, as is the fire. (But it's more like lava...)

~~ Summary ~~

~~ Good points ~~
1) Emotions depicted clearly
2) Backgrounds well-drawn
3) Fire drawn nicely

~~ Bad points ~~
1) Teeth marks aren't in the right direction
2) Outlines of some things are thicker than others
3) Ear ring looks as if it's dangling from ear rather than through them
4) Building or door?
5) Smoke or what?

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MisterTig responds:

Thanks for reviewing. Let me answer a few of those questions. Yes, the thing in the backgrounds is a building. The grey thing is smoke. The teeth on Random Happy guy are unrealisticly large, I know. I just did that to make him look stupider and well... happier.

The guy in the backgrounds has that bald spot, becasue thats his hairstyle. and you're right, i should have put the smoke somewhere totally different. the building looks like a door because half of it is covered with fire.

Thanks for reviewing.

It'a good

As you said, this is no masterpiece, but it's looking okay!

First few things I noticed that were slightly 'off' were:
-the bite marks on the lower lip. The lines don't create a look of stretch-i-ness.
-the red lines on the eyes are crude
- ear looks out of place. Keep to the same style of drawing in one picture.

that's all I could pick up on. Looking good so far. Just needs a touch up and perhaps more depth. Add a perception line, make the background more chaotic, all that good stuff ;D

Keep up the good work (RECOMMENDED)

*Review Request Club*

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MisterTig responds:

Thanks for all those tips and recommending me. I am going to make the background more chaotic next time, and I'm all that other stuff. :D

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