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Green Fire Witch


Author Comments

A fantasy character attempt + learning to do fire.
Think it turned out pretty well... except for the background.

I really should plan those ahead of time.

And I realised as I was uploading that this is the fourth picture thats facing partially to their right.
Jeeze... I gotta work on variation.

- Peace


Mhmm! She can light my fires any day!

Definitely my favourite piece that I've seen from your collection so far. Given, I was probably the first to see it, since I was talking to you about it whilst you were drawing it, but I really do like how it turned out.
I find that the arms look rather thin, compared to the rest of her body, which is very well proportioned.
Normaly, I'm really not a fan of greens at all, but her hair and cape are a very nice shade and the fire suits it too. Personally, I thing the fire looke a bit monotonous in and of itself, 'but' in my eyes, I'm seeing it as more of a magical fire than a natural fire, so it feels like it balances out into it's own unique style.

The eyes have been stated off, though I must say, in my honest opinion, it actually looks like it gives her more of an quirky charm that says 'Yeah, I just made fire. Aren't I awesome?' which, quite frankly, fits her character quite nicely. By appearance and the fact she isn't affraid to show herself off a little, I think that quirky charm tops off her character and outfit the way only their expression can.

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Good costume

I can see that you've been to the Dungeons & Dragons school of practical gear for characters. The fact that you've got a quite exposed looking character is good for the detail and the sweeping curves of the hips and the waist is brilliant.

If I'm being overly critical (as usual), perhaps the eyes need some work, just to 'level them out' a little, as it looks like the witch might have a lazy eye going there, but it's nothing much of a flaw, as they go.

I love the background and the smoke effect of the shadows just caps the whole piece off.

[Review Request Club]

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Mismatched responds:

Well I never played D&D, but yeah. Mages wear the most impractical gear sometimes in stuff like that.

I can't quite see what you mean with the eye myself.

And the smoke effect was purely unintentional. xD

Thanks for the review.

Good picture

As others have already stated, I think you are getting better with your drawings. Now, they never where bad in the first place, but there where always some little details that where a bit off.
I think you are now getting better with those details, which makes the pictures look even more impressive than before. :)

The lightening is done pretty good and if functions as the only light source in this picture. I think this is pretty fitting, it could be a scene on a street in some fantasy town. It's late at night and some muggers decided to rob the lady in the picture. But they chose the wrong victim as we can clearly see. ^^

With that story in mind I think the backgrounds work really well. So you don't necessarily need to work those out before, but you just need some kind of story to explain the background. XD

{ Review Request Club }

Mismatched responds:

I'm glad people think my art is improving. You guys have actually been a help for that.

And that story does work well for it. Didn't think of trying to come up with one for this picture. ^^;

Thank you for the review.

Well done.

This is my first time I'm reviewing one of your submissions, and I'm pretty impressed. This is a great submission; well-drawn with excellent effects. Good job on this ^^.

As the rest said, the colours were superb. Green never fit so well with purple, and the fact that you made the fire witch have bright colours (the green hair, the pale skin, the gold brace) really gave her a sort of importance in the picture, contrasting with the dark background to provide an interesting effect. The shading and lighting are brilliant. They were the first thing that got me once I saw the picture, and if you didn't have such superb lighting effects, I would've probably reduced your score to 8 or maybe less. Basically, awesome lighting effects!

My only complaint regarding the lighting is that some of the green shades on the fire witch look a bit peculiar, such as the one on the face. It looked as if a trasparent green slug jumped on her face. Try and experiment a bit more with gradients and maybe make that lighting effect on her face a bit bigger, since it seems a bit weird right now. I may be talking crap though, after all when it comes to drawing, I mess up entirely. On the other hand, the lighting effects of the hair were amazing.

As for the picture itself, it looks really well-drawn, but I'm going to just mention the defects it has because I'm an assy critic. Starting with the arms, I think ChampionAnwar is right about how they look thinner in the lower part of the arm than in the upper part. This is mostly present in her left arm. Also, the fingers look strange. It's mostly the thumbs which look a bit off, especially the one on her left hand. In addition to that, her middle finger is shorter than her fourth finger in the left hand, and if you take a look at any (normal) human hand, you'll see that it's the other way round :P. Lol, I nitpick too much xD.

Also, again referring to the left hand, the index finger is much fatter than any of the other fingers (except the thumb, obviously), which is probably what makes her hand look so strange. Either you make the other three fingers a little fatter, or make the index finger thinner, although I'd suggest the former, since compared to her right hand, the middle, fourth and fifth finger on her left hand are quite thin, particularly the fourth finger which looks thin enough to stab someone xD. Gah, long sentence... Also, one more thing regarding the fingers: maybe to make them look a bit more menacing, you can add some long nails, maybe around 2 or 3 centimetres long. It might make the witch look a bit more like an, err... witch. Although maybe it's a bit too cliché.

The hair looks great, although I don't blame XwaynecoltX for thinking that it's a scarf, to be honest. While the hair close to the head looks great, it stops too plainly at the end. It's making me think that her hair is just four long strips of green paper, if you get what I mean. I think you should make more noticeable strands of hair and give the hair a bit more texture. Still, other than that small nitpick, the hair looks really impressive. I also really like the pose as well. The outfit looks weird, but then again I'm not one to criticize when it comes to outfits and all that stuff. I'll definitely leave that to the artists... By the way, the fire looks fantastic.

Like the others said, I don't really see why you're so bummed about the fact that you don't have a background. It looks great with a black background because the lighting effects are so well done. You could add some subtle things in the background such as sparks of green fire or maybe some mysterious shade of light coming from one side of the picture, but what the heck, the background was fine. Good job.

Overall, this is an impressive picture, with the most amazing lighting effects I've seen in a long while. I think the only thing you might need work on would be the arms and hand plus maybe where the hair ends. Keep it up and congratulations for receiving my first art review which reached the character limit xD.

-Review Request Club-

Mismatched responds:

Huh. Your not wrong about the middle finger. Wonder how I managed to miss something like that. o.o

Seems I just need to focus more on the hands and arms when doing them, but I'm glad people like it despite the terrible anotomy.
And I'll certainly remember the suggestion on the hair.

Thanks a lot for the review.

To be honest.

I think this is awesome, you're getting better all the time. The colouring is pretty much spot on for me, the only that I thought about that needed a bit of touching up was the hair (though you already know that).

I especially like that fire thing you got going on there, how did you get that to be so real (I uber fail at it) xD.

One extra thing that I picked up from last time, I noticed the hands and lower arms are a bit skinny in proportion to the upper arms. Not much really, I still think it's awesome. I'd stick this on my wall so this guarantees you a 10. Well done there :3 rawr.

Anwar Louis ^_^
(Review Request Club)

Mismatched responds:

Don't underestimate how helpful tutorials can be. (Thats for the fire this time)

And yeah. My limb anatomy is still in the works.

Thank you for the review.

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Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

May 4, 2010
8:55 AM EDT
File Info
812 x 1019 px
323.2 KB

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