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Experiment #241


Author Comments

Well, finally got this done. I finished it a month ago but decided I should add a background given some suggestion I got before.

However, it seems I suck at backgrounds and this just collected dust until today, where I finished the background as best I could to show the world.

... Yeah I know... Still ain't that great.

Hope you people enjoy it though.

- Peace


this is quite creepy

but it still could be creepier the detail in the design and the tubes through her body are good the footprints add depth to the pic and a side of realisticness to it great job

Good pic

This is a very good picture. The style is quite nice, but I think the drawing itself could be a little bit creepier.

Anyway, the character is drawn in a very nice way. Maybe you could try to clean up the outlines a bit (when viewed in full size they seem a bit rough), but otherwise the character is good.

I also like the background. It adds more depth to the picture. The footprints also add some kind of movement to the drawing, it makes it looks less static and more like a snapshot, which is adds a very interesting aspect to this pic.
Without the footprints the character would just stand there in the hallway, but with the prints in the background we know that it just moved towards the screen. I wonder what the character will do next.

{ Review Request Club }

Mismatched responds:

Yes it could be creepier. Its more a first concept to get the look right, but I plan on something more creepy later on.

And I find clean lines tricky. Maybe higher res would sort that.

Ta for the review.

Nekkid o:

So, why is one called 241? You have 240 other experiments? xD. It's very good. I think the background goes well with the figure and seems to be done very well.

Outlines seem a bit rough, but not as much as angry chibi, maybe consider highlighting the lines and with the selection, Select > Modify > Smooth just to smoothen it out a bit, or use the pen tool when you go around it or vector. . I think I used the word "or" a bit too much, but whatever. :D!

Colours are okay, justI dunno, they look a bit smudged for some reason. It's nothing big again, that just was sorta what came to my head first. I

The eyes seem weird :D (That's a good thing)

Nothing big, I think this is awesome. You did well :D, keep them comming!

Anwar Louis ^_^
(Review Request Club)

Mismatched responds:

I'll try some of those suggestions.
I would like to use vectors, but I don't think photoshop can do them.

Thanks for the review.

Creepy machine thing

Have you ever played SLA Industries? This portrayal of the subdermal tubes and / or wires reminds me of the concept of the "death-suit" armour that certain aliens can wear in that setting.

I think the piece is kind of strange, especially the way that the tubes criss cross around and appear to stick out of the body tissue, without breaking the skin - kind of like a weight-lifter's blood vessels after they've gone all out for the big lift. This does lead to some interesting details around the bust and crotch areas. I can understand the they aren't interfering with any major organs around the vagina, but around the breasts? Aren't they just fat that they could have effectively drilled through? Or am I reading too much into this at all?

A good background and I particularly liked the tracks being left behind by something on her feet out of shot, or the dripping tubes where her hand used to be.

[Review Request Club]

Mismatched responds:

Never played SLA, and her tubes don't serve the same purpose as that.

Maybe you are reading too much into it, but they do interfere with some of her organs.

Thank you for reveiwing.


-It's not that often that you see a piece of work as original as this. It's quite far-fetched as far as a humanoid experiment and it makes you wonder what must have happened for her to get like that.

-The trail of green ooze from the tubes leading up to her is a nice touch. It accents the background that I don't think is too shabby since it incorporates shading nicely but also gives it a dark feel to an underground lab.

-I think a dramatic pose would of been more fitting instead of the whole relaxed pose. It would just increase the immersement and wonder of the piece.

-Review Request Club

Mismatched responds:

I'm glad it does make you wonder. I hope to explain it in the future.

And yes, I could have been more dramatic with the pose. I suppose this is more a test to get her to look right before doing any pose experimenting...
Or I just can't do interesting poses easily.

Thank you for reveiwing.

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Credits & Info

3.18 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2010
8:04 PM EDT
File Info
1063 x 1209 px
496.2 KB

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