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MindChamber the begining


My Submission for Robot Day,

just something to get people aware about robot day
http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1167757

A lil' concept art based on the Mindchamber Story.

Somebody Must've built him right?

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Great picture!

Of course you would submit something for Robot Day, as you are apparently one yourself. The coolest thing about this was probably how you show yourself as some mastermind. It makes it look like you could be the Architect from "The Matrix". It's also nice to see so much detail being put into all the colors. Those are always things that I look for when reviewing art pieces. The shading is done nicely too.

I love how there's so many little details going on, like the blue gloves on the lower left part of the screen. It's especially cool to see how much light illuminates from the robot. As an art reviewer, I always pay attention to little things like that. It seems like the robot has a gold part on his legs or something. Cords going to a single source is always cool in science fiction.

such creativity here.

i like the rough sketch and coloring added together.
i get a 90's sci-fi felling like a scientist who simply wishes to better the future, but in doing so he has to use himself as the final component.

Robot day is gona be kick ass.
and i hope a fair competition to all who participate.
May the best machine win!


I personally like the rough style

I think it's hard to pull it off. something looking rough and unfinished without lacking. It might be a preference to some to like a clean finished look, but your work definitely works most of the time. I do have to say I'm not completely liking some of the color choice. the yellows seem to have replaced any brown or fleshy colors, but in this case it doesn't seem like a light or lense filter effect. it just seems like Tesla was a simpsons character. I'm not bothered b it. it's interesting to see such a dramatic scene with very stylized coloring and characters. I just feel it needs fine adjustments there.

My favorite part is the composition. I'm surprised you didn't go for a wide screen approach but this format fits the composition perfectly. the chest framing his head and the cables hanging are completely awesome. I dunno if i'm digging symbolism where there is none, but i get the sense that this robot was and idea(invention) he finally got out of his head but something about it is bothering him (thus the cables). correct me if im wrong. All in all, congrats.

MindChamber responds:

I agree I suck with skintone, definitely a weakpoint for me I might mess with it later.

you're right that there is symbolism there, though slightly different than what you said, but its close. its more or less a halo.

this style

i love the way you draw your things like you just sketched em it looks awsome, alot of your stuff does

although i do enjoy your work

i feel it's way too unfinished how your style is, it's still sketchy for me, but that could just be a preference thing, but everything you do just seems in it's rough state

MindChamber responds:

yah I guess I could add some more refinement when I have time. I really just wanted to get something up so people were aware of robot day.

just my style i guess.

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4.67 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2010
4:09 PM EDT
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