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A Female in an M-Bot costume, created for the Pox Poster Art Contest a few months back.


It is a interesting idea of a girl M-Bot. She could be more famine and attractive. Include high heels and maybe a skirt.

It's a great picture!

I guess you can use Rule 63 for anything here. What I especially loved was how wonderfully bright the colors were. I like the addition of the thong to give her a sexier appeal. You can get a good sense that there are indeed robot parts of her, but just enough skin to make it appealing in another area. I especially love the blue, red, and even purple background you create with the lights. The waving of the finger is a great way to look sassy.

It's like you were trying to make a "Z" picture out of this woman, but it got cut off at the top. The shading is especially perfect in this one. There could have been more action in it, but it's great as a full body portrait. Girls portrayed in this manner should indeed be called chicks. The body proportions are also nicely done.

I liked it...

It's pretty clever in its design! M-Bot would be proud! About the line style, it looks like your lines resemble the new Golden Sun character art, which personally, I adore, since it gives them that badass feel. Pretty good drawing overall! Keep it up!

Poor Anatomy

This is very poorly realized, i would suggest some analysis of form practice. These forms are not reading as very three dimensional. You might want to look up reference for human figure, especially in the torso. There is very large lack of depth of form. You utilize a very smudgy gross painting technique in your pieces, i assume you dont understand how to paint in photoshop. I would suggest a 60% hard round brush with 40% opacity and 60% flow, then utilize the ink dropper, it allows for a very painterly blend of form. Adding a shadow underneath her would help ground her, even if she is not in an environment, it still helps. Im also very confused where her lighting is coming from, it looks like it should be the siren bulbs, but its not. I would like to know where the white hi-lights are coming from? You lineart is very sloppy, you might want to try doing longer smoother strokes, not so messy. Its also confusing why in some areas you try painting without lines, and others you have very hard black out lines. In your lineless painting you would be advised to attain sharper edge control, it will read as less blurry. The robo arm placed on the hip, the contour of it makes the form read differently from the one in front. Lets talk about the face, the lips are mishapen, the eye is kinda gross, and the nose is very anime. Its too bad you have a completely unoriginal approach to illustration, this is a very contrived character idea, half naked chick with robot parts. You couldnt even make her attractive. Before you try to imitate your superiors, you might want to look into the work they had to do to get to where they are. I would sorely suggest some life drawing my friend.

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MindChamber responds:

lol I liked how you took bits and pieces from my critique on you and used them here, but youre right this isnt my best. you're still a major douché though.

Never used the inkdropper before, I'll try it.
thanks for the tips!

Female Robots Never Looked So Hot On Paper

Megaman might get some free action unless P-Bot gets that before him. LOL. Anyway nice picture for Robot Day. You really have outstanding art skills. You deserve to be noticed no matter what.

<M.A.P. 1385>

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Jun 17, 2009
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