Hyper warp

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Hyper warp

Author Comments

This is a hyper warp I made in gnu imp



It's actually not too bad to look at, but has some problems.To me, the picture has four main things:

1.) I'll start with the background. It looks fantastic, and the colours all blended in very nicely. Still, if you really used a computer-generated algorithm to make that background as Coop said, then I obviously can't give you that much of a score for the background.

2.) Next we have the red light. It looks a little wierd, contrasting quite a lot with the dark feel of the picture. I'd suggest dark blue or purple-ish, I think it'd fit better. Also, I think the light shone on a bit too much, and it shone in a shape of a triangle, which was weird too.

3.) Now we have the black dot think in the middle. Maybe it was the main attraction of the picture, but what I didn't like was how it stood out. You should be aiming for making it stand out as its the focus point of the art piece, but I think it stood out a bit too much. It doesn't seem to belong to this picture, if you get what I mean. It seemed as if you got a black pin and attatched it to the picture. Try and find a way to give a focus point which blends in well, but has importance anyway.

Also, I don't know where you got the idea of a bullet ship, since I don't really see it as a bullet ship in this picture. It looks more like part of the portal; you know, the end of the tunnel.

4.) Finally, we have the text. Now, as practically all the other reviewers said, the text was rather distracting. I don't think that when you go through a portal in a game or something, you see text coming up saying 'Hyper Warp' or something :P. I think it does look a little unnecessary, maybe you could try and write 'Hyper Warp' very subtly in the background, so only if you look really hard enough will you see the words 'Hyper Warp'.

I've seen better pictures of portals (some artists are able to give the portal an illusion that makes it look like it's sucking you in O.o), but this isn't too bad. Background was great, even though I don't know if you made it or not, but the black oval in the middle should blend in a little more with the picture, the shining red light was a little too big and bright, and the text was too distracting. Don't worry, though, practice makes perfect, and I'm sure I'll never be able to make a picture as good as this. Sorry for the long review, and sorry if I made any grammar mistakes or sentences which don't make sense, since I'm in a hurry right now and didn't have time to reread my review :(.

-Review Request Club-

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It wasn't awful, but the text was.

If you are able you "make" something that looks fairly cool, such as the background then you should be able to do something cool with the text as well. And why would you want the text of a piece of are to be the focus? Text is meant to describe what is going on in the scene, not distract you and reduce the overall look.

The dot (Oh sorry i mean the "BULLET SHIP") in the middle works though. This should be the focus point, as it helps bring all of the surroundings together.

Oh and another thing you need to work on is being able to take negative criticism. Coop And Celx And haggard all said about the same thing with the text. But i believe you only thought Haggards review was helpful was because of the review score.

And Coop also brought up a good point about the descriptions. Yes you can pick up different things from the same piece of art, but having an idea of what is actually there can give you a good contrast to maybe what you see in it. I mean We probably would have had no clue that it was a ship if you hadn't said so in the responses.

And yes you can interpret a GOOD piece of art in different ways. But because this is DECENT and the only things we know about it from looking and the description are, something to do with "Hyper Warp" and the GIMP editing program.

Please don't be a dick to the people giving you negative constructive criticisms, otherwise you probably wont get any help other than the "This sucks," and "This was Cool" reviews.

-Review Request Club

mikkim responds:

First and second paragraph : I already know that, just that I cant fix it because when I saved it as an .xcf I merged all the layers, and also the bullet AND the text was the focus.

Third paragraph : It's a BULLET, not a bullet SHIP, and it IS one of two focuses.

Fourth: The reason I didn't like them was because they dissed the bullet.

Fifth: Okay, that is a good point, next time I submit a piece of art I will do that (I know that Coop said that first, but I am acknowledging that here.)

Sixth:Repeat of the fifth.

Seventh: I am taking CONSTRUCTIVE criticism properly. It's just when people take away points for something that was INTENTIONAL and others have found okay, when I feel that they aren't reviewing properly, because reviews aren't about opinion, they are about telling when something completely destroys the image, such as the text hurting the image in this. If I could fix that I would, but I now know not to use such text in that way.


I'm sorry, I can't really rate this higher. It looks like what you've done is use a computer generated algorithm to produce the fantastic looking background and have then used your art program to write over it with text that can only be described as 'distracting'.

The text is not in keeping with the piece and the 'black hole' in the centre needs to be blended more skilfully into it. I would suggest that you take more time to blend the colours into the black, to make it look less glossy and artificial, almost as if there is some sort of corona around an object heading into this warp.

Other than that, the only suggestion I can make is to put more effort into your comments, so that you describe what people are actually supposed to see - conflicting interpretations can ground a piece, which is a shame from such a promising start.

[Review Request Club]

mikkim responds:

I would make the bullet look unartifical if that is what it was, but it is a bullet going into the warper, and also a piece of art that can be seen in different ways is a GOOD work of art, so this is a bad review.

Hampered by the distracting text and black oval...

I liked your piece unfortunately the text, and black oval seriously hurt it.

My reasoning for saying this is simple, those elements obscured the main piece.
As if the text, and black oval were the main centerpiece, and your cool artwork was the backdrop.

I think it should be the other way around don't you?
- Celx
~Review Request Club~

mikkim responds:

I don't think you understood this... the bullet and the words were SUPPOSED to be the focus point.


I like the colours in this picture. They create a nice atmosphere, because the bright colours coming from the "back hole" in the center build a nice contrast to the mostly dark colours in the rest of the picture. The whirling effect makes it also look pretty futuristic which does fit pretty well to the title.

However, the text in the picture doesn't really fit there. It kind of destroys the nice atmosphere you created with the nice colours.

{ Review Request Club }

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mikkim responds:

Thanks for not dissing the bullet, the main focus of the image. And also, thanks for the commentary about the words being distracting. Thanks.

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Credits & Info

Sep 26, 2009 | 4:09 PM EDT
File Info
640 x 640 px
722.6 kb

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