The Hands of the Axe


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"The Hands of the Axe"

This piece represents all the hands that have touched this Axe. There are many stories that lie behind this legendary axe. Many have died at the end of that axe as well.

I decided to show all the ones who would've been a part of this axes "life". Such as the blacksmiths hand and then the one who probably weilded such a weapon and someone who may have read the stories of the legendary axe. And of course, the designer of the Axe Jazza with the green splatter paint around his hand.

I'm really proud of this piece even if it doesn't win or come close to winning at all because I put in a lot of effort and thought into it and I used different techniques to bring it to life such as using the limited number of copic markers that I own and water color paint and some regular marker and colored pencil and my trusty pens.

Now, I posted all of my work in progress stuff on my Instagram page so I'm putting a link to the FIRST of a couple of work in progress posts because I think I have a total of four or five and then I also posted my final piece altogether. I'm really proud of what I made and I already looked through other peoples works and I'm both in awe and jealousy of everyone's talents and I wish them the best of luck (not that they need it).

This is my first time entering one of the Challenge of the Month..challenges, so I want to say thank you Jazza for this wonderful opportunity and I look forward to doing many more! :)

Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BPGjS9gDeFr/


I really love the concept of this piece. I can start to imagine an individual story for each hand represented on this piece. To think what might each story be behind each hand is very cool.

The colour choice is also quite well. It isn't too saturated, the eyes focus on the bright yellow of the axe. The red of the blood doesn't clash too much with the yellow, which has a larger area (although could be a little more desaturated so it doesn't pull the eyes away from the axe too much). The rest of the picture is in brown and grey which ties everything together. Although the handle could be a bit more reddish to pull the focus further to the middle of the page, and a bit more separated from the hands.

The hands are drawn quite well overall, but there's still some anatomy problems. The robot hand fingers especially look off. Pay particular attention to the proportional thickness of each finger on a hand, practice lots!

Overall this a great concept and good execution. Keep up the great work!

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Jan 20, 2017
6:28 AM EST
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