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Work In Progress


Author Comments

"Work In Progress"

Adobe Flash, Photoshop


Since this is the Challenge Of The Month my goal was to use the skills I knew and to do something completely different for myself.

I put a lot of time and spirit into the work of this piece because it's actually something I've asked myself... "What makes a man?" I feel like I've never had a huge male influence in my life, but i guess even the 'lack there of' builds something..

There are so many different ways to define what people THINK being a man really is. Like being strong and smart and riding motorcycles into helicopters to save the President's daughter from Vietcong Nazi werewolves. So sometimes these exaggeration are portrayed so much that people want to be that way, or may think that not being a certain way means you are less of a man(or just person).

I may ramble. apologies, and I'll do my best to stay on point. All the prior being said, I spent a long time coming up with different candidates and then I boiled down to wanting to pick my grandfather, Malcolm. I actually wear his silver necklace, but I never really had the chance to know him. My grandfather was a hard worker his whole life, him and his wife. They we're loving people, and did a lot in the community to help the elderly and assisted care. I only have my mom's accounts but she often tells me how depression was something my grandfather struggled with, and got worse in later years. Malcolm also suffered from Parkinson's disease and passed away when I was 3 or 4.

But part of me felt like it wasn't the right answer.. It wasn't a wrong choice, but something was missing I guess. I know Jazza, that you set up a certain guidelines for this challenge but I may have stepped out of the box a little.


[actual project description...]
Being a Man is a work in progress for sure. In the end, it really mattered to me "What does it mean to be a man", and even tho there are a number of proper answers, I focused on Confidence. I believe Confidence effects every decision and action a man does or doesn't make. To stand up for what you believe in, you must be Confident. To be responsible, EVEN WHEN YOU ARE WRONG, it takes Confidence.. So that HUGE build-up being said[i over-think things].. I chose to do my challenge as a self portrait. I'm actually terrible at drawing people and in fear of actually fucking up someone else's face I thought to do my own. Then It dawned on me... I will choose myself! NOT because I think i am the "perfect man", but because it's true we all have different ideas of a "true man'. But as men, if we cant believe in ourselves... what can we believe in? We would lack spirit[strength] and the ability to be something more.

Almost everyday of my life I feel a moment where I wonder "why am I here?" Not some philosophical pondering, but more an internal cry for help. Things like... "what have you done with your life?" and "why are you sad? you're just overly sensitive..." are things you hear and almost believe. Like my grandfather I have depression, which I work with on a daily adventure. There are days I wake up and just say "FUCK LIFE IS GREAT", but then there are those times when i just don't know how to turn off the negative criticism and just move on. Having confidence and pushing your abilities to learn and grow, as men, and as people. Having the confidence to make the sacrifices and dream bigger than before are important, so I'm just going to keep at it and improve each time.

Thank you to everyone that has already submitted, The subjects are great and some amazing drawing abilities out there!


i'm sorry..


Wow, its amazing how one picture could have such a powerful meaning. I feel you, but you cant call yourself an artist if your completely sane ha. But I have to disagree on one thing, I think "doing the right thing even when its tough" makes you a true man. It about having heart. If you say confidence, that man could potentially become a serial killer, and serial killers are heartless bastards. Moving on..

First off, im diggin the hair. Those lines you used to show detail have an interesting color, its a bit mesmerizing actually. The way you made both eyes slightly different sizes to give it a more human feel is cool too. I like your style. From the color to drawing techniques to philosophy, I gotta say this appeals to me.

Dope work dude. and I see that gas mask haha.

- Qwaint

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melonn responds:

i feel you on your comment, it is about heart. Words can be difficult because "we" as individuals put our own personal experiences behind things, even words. So confidence is a positive trait , like loving yourself. That's confidence in one's self. As for the killer thing, i get you man, but that to me feels more like someone lacking confidence and filling in a hole. this is definitely a HUGE thing to talk about and typing text creates issues with understanding, but we are on a similar page.

Thanks my dude! I don't draw "real" people much, let alone draw myself but this was a great experiment. plus drawing in Flash as opposed to Illustrator. and for real, i think we could put heads together on some big works.

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Nov 25, 2014
3:20 AM EST
File Info
1200 x 1200 px
724.5 KB

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