-Just when I found love...-


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[Just when I found love...]
She was about to confess something to him, when suddenly...

...She walked away, embarrassed and barely looked back.


She knew that man since Grade-5 in Elementary School. She treated him as her friend. Years passed and her feeling towards him suddenly changes. It's not just her friend she thought, it's more than that. She loved him, and kept it as a secret from him.

This year, Christmas' getting near. She planned to give him something special and confess that she really loved him so much.

She bought a nice red scarf and wrapped it neatly with a white gift wrapper. She wrote a note "Will you be mine?" on the card and ties it on the gift.

3:35 pm, At the park. She knew that he'll be there. As she enters the park, she was shocked. The man, the "supposed-to-be" her lover, was with another woman.

The man didn't noticed she was there. As they walked away, she couldn't bare to watch them together. She turned around.

She walked away, embarrassed and barely looked back. And the only feeling to accompany her right now was her depression.

"I'll never fall in love again...," she said.


Did this 2 years ago.

I felt sorry for her. If I was there I would cheer her up.

Drawn on 11" x 8.5" Printing Paper with the use of 0.3 & 0.4 Signpen for the line-art and the 0.5 Gelpen for the pools of black and thick outlines.


omg what a dick when a girl gets close to you you have to tell her that you have a girlfriend before you hurt her troubley so she might not kill her or something but i feel so bad for that girl if i was there i would hug her and make her feel better by telling her that shes beautiful and saying that she can find better

"I saw and I'm sorry for your loss but if he let you slip away then he's not worth it. I know it won't be the same, but I can take his place for you, even if just for one night, just to see you smile again." If only I were there to comfort her. T^T

The back story to this epic drawing is so sad

"love foreverending"

"love is like a flower blossuming and beautiful ,but when that love is hurt the flower can and will die with it , though a wilted flower is never foregotten so watch out for your love and you will blossom together now and forever"~love

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good intro for the pic ^^

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