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Free Drinks All Night


Originally posted last month to my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/meesh

Everyone remembered Marley being a pretty demure girl. Quiet, shy, and hardly ever showed up at the bar with friends, let alone by herself. 

Then one weekend she arrived looking very, very different. Not just her recently shed modesty and her brand new wardrobe, but she seemed like a completely different person. And did her eyes always look like that? 

It only took one brash fellow from out of town to swagger up, shoot her his best leer and offer her a drink for a turn at her pussy. To the shock of everyone nearby, she just chirped "Sure! If you want!" And easy as that, she pushed out her ass and lifted up her miniskirt to reveal her tiny, barely used pussy, with no panties to get in the way. I don't think the guy thought that would work.

She really got a sparkling new reputation after that night, with all the single boys lining up to treat her (and the married boys staring, to boot). But some did wonder... what the hell happened to make her change so much?

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Where is this bar at?

"what the hell happened to make her change so much?"
Hmm. Near death experience? She went to a doctor and was told she was gonna die? Some demon possessed her? She's a doe so she's just in heat, as is the nature of all living creatures to suddenly seek the need to breed? theartistisapervShe read one of those self-betterment ~b~u~l~l~s~h~i~t~ books? She's on DRUGS? She woke up on the Right Side of the bed? She realized she has something that keeps her from becoming pregnant and has chosen to throw caution to the wind? Plot convenience? She's realized her place and affect in the Infinite scheme of the universe and has decided not only is her existence meaningless, it's worthless to her and only her so she needs to get off her ass and Carpi Diem? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . She dyed her hair? She was raped one night in a back alley on her way home but instead of feeling horrible about it she realized how much she loved the feeling and choose the life of sex and debauchery? Or she's reached the Testing stage in her recovery during her Stages of Grief due to the trauma? . . . OR . . . is this actually all a dream? . . . a figment of her or someone else's imagination? . . . and some alien master race is implanting the idea of fulfilling cardinal desires to suppress YOU as they conduct multiple in-depth experiments on the subject? Come On. Wake Up! It's Time To Wake Up! She's excited PDP has over-taken T-Rash AGANE?

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4.66 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2019
12:24 PM EDT
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821 x 1437 px
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