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Happy V Day

Author Comments

A Valentine's day Story

It was a sunny day and everything was going wonderful, Mary Vilks Nightshade just received a note from the Chaos Kingdom the note said:

Dear Mary Vilks Nightshade,
You have been invited to the grand ball in the Chaos Kingdom at the Castle of Chaos. You must wear your best dress. You may bring a friend or family member. You must not bring any kind of weapon no knives (bigger than a dagger), no guns (bigger than a pocket gun), no swords (of any kind). The ball will be on the third of the month of Corecon

Your friend the Chaos King.

After Mary finished reading the note she wrote a note to Bob Johnson, her notes to Bob Johnson is asking if he would like to be invited to the grand ball, Bob accepted and they met at his shop at 3:30 in the after noon. Bob did not have a good suit so he and Mary went to Jethro's fabric shop after trying on a few of the suits they picked a white suit, some brown boots and a green undershirt Jethro gave them the suit at half-price (because he was good friends with Bob Johnson). When it was time to go to the ball Mary picked up Bob and they headed to the Chaos Kingdom (Mary was wearing her best blue dress and Bob was wearing his brand-new white suit) before they went into the castle Bob gave Mary a box of chocolates (the chocolates were handmade very special just for Mary, on the box were written the words happy V day.)

The castle was decorated with all sorts of different colors and all the leaders of the major nations were there, there were a few there that Mary knew but Bob didn't know anyone. Even Queen Chrysalis (Queen of the Changelings) was there, but she didn't seem to have anyone with her and she mainly stayed around for drinking, the last one to come into the castle was Discord, a lot of people wondered why Discord was even there, after he entered the castle and settle down, the Chaos King entered the room and officially announced the ball as began. When the Chaos King saw Discord and Queen Chrysalis he invited them into another room then he came out with Discord and Queen Chrysalis following him. Chaos King announced to the crowd gathered in the ballroom, "My friends this is a glorious day, as you all know this is the day that I was created, but very few of you know who I was created by, I will tell you today, for both my mother and father are here, and even though they are not my real mother and father I still consider them as such, you know them as discord and Queen Chrysalis I know them as mother and father. The D.O.L used their DNA to create me. This is why I consider them as my mother and father." After the Chaos King finished his speech everyone was shocked to say the least, Mary and Bob looked at each other, Mary said "well that was interesting. I don't think anyone here knew many that about Chaos King. I know I didn't, did you." Bob just stood there and shook his head.

The ball went on and it seemed that everyone had forgotten the Chaos Kings speech. Discord and Queen Chrysalis state around each other for the rest of the time they seem to be a seems to be talking about something, but no one listened to them. After that everyone finished dancing, they all gathered at the dining tables waiters brought everyone a menu. Each menu had several different languages on it, all Bob could read was the Furmin language, but Mary could read several different languages that were on the menu, Mary ordered a bowl of carne crua sangrenta, Bob ordered a plate of carnea cruda. After they finished eating, Mary and Bob decided it was time to go home. Mary dropped Bob off at his shop continued home and home carrying a box of chocolates that Bob had given to her.

The end

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Feb 16, 2013 | 8:38 PM EST
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1920 x 1080 px
944.4 kb

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