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Since apparently there's a limit on the number of art submissions, I've stuck all ma weapon sets together.


Epicness. Not a flaw on any of them.

Except for the golden dragon-axe-thing, that just seems a bit out of place.

Also, to Garret01, ther are pommels on some of them, and the ones without pommels aren't even supposed to HAVE pommels (I mean, a pommel on a katana?!)
The pommel is part of the European swordmaking styles, you wont find pommels on any samurai katana or most of the Asian sword designs because their swords are used differently that a European sword. Take the knight's broadsword VS the katana: The broadsword is designed like a cross because of the knights being "holy warriors", and that also influenced their fighting styles- though they were more rough and tough at first they eventually became more controlled, and more tactical- they knew that they couldn't hurt another knight (or anyone, for that matter) while he was in armor, so (a: the tips of their swords were made thinner to pierce chain-mail, and (b: they started trying to knock opposing knights down so that they could knife the poor guys in the joints where the plate-mail could not cover. The pommel was added to balance out the long blade vs the shorter handle, and the "holy warrior" thing is also reflected in the shape of their swords: crosses. In fact, the name of the hanguard which forms the cross is the Crossguard. As for Samurai, they were originally an all cavalry force- as time went on there blades became longer for reach, thinner for weight and speed on foot, curved for easy unsheathing on horseback AND the added bonus of the fact that a curved blade cuts better than a straight one (and dents plate armor ALOT, restricting movement and breathing and such), and they started using advanced, almost ritualized techniques to forge an almost unbreakable sword. But at the same time, the handle and the blade were so perfectly balanced that a pommel of any sorts was not needed. Middle-Eastern Scimitars, on the other hand, were often forged with pommels because of alot of contact with European society and such- My god that was so much longer than I meant to make it.

Okay, I understand that Garret probably will never read this, but hey I put it here anyway. He said "Do your research", and I rebuked him because he did not even bother to do HIS research.
So, in short, EPIC FAIL on Garret01's part.
EPIC WIN on Matt's part.
Just plain FAIL on my part for taking so much damn room, my apologies to everyone!

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i think you should submit these to the creators of sonny, they could use your creative swords!

i love your art work man

its the shit

Incredible work!

Really, really awesome. You should apply to work at Artix Entertainment. Your weapons are twice as cool as the ones in their games right now.

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my i like the rune blade and the sickle that looks like the blade and the stick are connected by a H

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Jun 19, 2009
2:20 PM EDT
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