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Pixel Golems


Hey guys, I was wondering if tracing over EBF art would make drawing pixel art faster… but nope, not really. If you set a swf file to low quality and scale it down, you’ve essentially got aliased pixel art, but it’s very messy and requires so much clean up, that I basically ended up redrawing everything. These golems are the biggest pixel creatures I’ve drawn so far, and they took way longer than all the others for sure. I really wonder if pixel artists get much faster with practice, cause what you see below took a little more than a day to do. Animating pixel art of this quality must take a painful amount of time, especially since you often can’t motion tween it like with other 2D art. I can see why most games doing pixel art stick to Terraria levels of detail and animation quality.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll eventually make a game using all the pixel art I’ve been doing, but the foes definitely won’t have more than 2 animation frames.

Anyone tried doing pixel art? How long does it take for you?

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Right now I've done better wotk with pixelart than digital illustration (although I only started digital illustration a couple months ago)
But yeah, you're supposed to work in a small scale otherwise it becames very time consuming. I once a video comparing different sprites' size from "small" to "large" and I think your golems would fit well in the "large" category, so it still is a manageable scale... unless you're doing it all yourself (well, it's what I thinking now)

Hey I saw this on your discord server
The pixel art looks really cool. I never did pixellart so I cant really answer that question
but seeing other artists and asking them they can take days to even MONTHS

very nice and very detailed can i ask how much time or days it took?.

also my favorite one is the one to the bottom right

matt-likes-swords responds:

A little bit more than one whole day.

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Oct 13, 2020
10:45 AM EDT
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