Misc Skill Icons

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Misc Skill Icons

Author Comments

Yo, here’s a list of the special skills for Epic Battle Fantasy 5. Not a lot of new stuff here, but most of them will work a bit differently. For example most buffs and heals will have long cooldowns so battles don’t just become about spamming those. Every player will be able to learn a skill of every element – but there’s not enough for everyone to have one at the same time.


I am so Hyped for EBF5 to come out!

Also, here's my guesses for whats up there:
The top row is all Limits, that fire swirl is a berserk buff (debuff? Both?) then the red and purple orbs are like a mini supernova or something, and then we got Nuclear Bullet Bills, then the rock and roll wind attacks that heal (unless that's removed or nerffed, which shouldn't be nerffed because their heal and damage are low to begin with, so it might be buffed or left alone, hopefully buffed.) Then we have Heal, Multi-Heal, umm...idk what that first light one is, but I know the next one is Revive, then you have the three different Gaia attacks, Haste (one of my favourites with the ninja outfit due to insane dodge rate if that makes a return.) There's the Net that debuffs enemies dodge, then the one spell i forgot the name to but it increases accuracy. That blue one by the looks of it will be a Mag. Def. debuff on enemies, opposite the Wall one that debuffs enemies Phys. Def. Then we have the best spell in the game that buffs a single players Phys/Mag Def. as well as dodge. There's a coin looking one which I'm gonna guess gets rid of enemies buffs. Those two snow ones look new, so I'm guessing those are new Ice element attacks. Then we have what looks to be Scr*am (gonna take a shot at that name xD) and another new dark one next to it. Then we have the saws, which deal low damage, but have a decent chance to OHKO (save for bosses I'm sure), and the Drill, which I think the purpose of it is, it says it does more damage if an enemy has a Phys/Mag Def. buff up, in which it reverses the boosts? There's the Scan ability, Hoping it does the same as it did in 4 where it scans all enemies at once. Then it looks like a Will-O-Wisp to be a Holy attack, then we got the wind attack, coming in with another new version. Then there's the Ivy attacks for pretty decent poison, and then there's either Light, or Thunder Sword which are new as well.

Now as for the Icons on the side there: We have Defend, Rally? Change Character, Switch Character Turn, Flee, and Hide?

Hopefully I'm right on most of this, if not oh well.

Anyway, Yeah I'm really looking forward to the release of Epic Battle Fantasy 5, as well as being able to PLAY as NoLegs, instead of him just being a summon.

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I'm so hyped! EBF is the best rpg series online. Can't wait to see it!

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