A Duck!


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It's a duck!!

Hmm, too scratchy maybe...
Those things are not mountains, are rocks. I just failed at the perspective :(



What media is this?

Nice drawing Merol

I like it as much as I like your other pictures and apples in the tree. And I see some people not that I don't respect their opinion, say that she's too angry looking even though that's what make her cute. Keep the good work up Merol.

MasterMerol responds:

Hehe, well THANKS A LOT!!!

Interesting perspective

Good clean lines for this piece, with a very nice muse in the centre. I was a little confused by the perspective you have used, as the mountains can't be that far in the distance, due to the size of the trees on them. Perhaps I have been drawn away from the beauty of the piece by this error and the fact that you highlighted it in your notes.

The pastels that you have used for this piece give a nice soft look to the project and you can really benefit from something a little more harsh along the outlines of this. You've tried to do outlines in charcoal, but it doesn't seem to work. Careful though, as if you overdo it, you could ruin the image. I'd suggest an editing suite, such as Photoshop for that, since you can always delete the lines, without smudging. If you've already done this, consider darkening them ever so slightly.

The best part of this picture is the sky - it has so much going for it, with the lazy swirls that set it apart from a traditional sky scene. No clouds, but the effect of the waves and swirls really gives you a great impression.

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MasterMerol responds:

Thank you!
I didn't use charcoal for the oulines, I used a 5B pencil, and you're right. I wish it would look darker.
I put my old stylographs in alcohol and have been there for like 3 days already, I hope they still work. It should look better with ink than pencil.
I use photoshop, but only to crop and resize my drawings. I don't know, I like them looking the same as the original, that's why I stopped coloring them with flash.


Oh, it's her again

Oh yeah, I think I've seen her in some other pictures as well. But why does she always looks so angry? That duck is (kinda) cute, so she could at least try and smile a bit. :P

Just like SeeD I was a bit confused about the mountains. They look like they are located right next to that girl, which would mean those "mountains" are small rocks, but then the trees are pretty small as well. Or the girl is a huge giant, but that would mean the duck can't be that small either...
Only possible solution is: The mountains are pretty far away. I don't know if that is possible, but you should try to give this image more "depth", so we would instantly know the mountains are far away.

But that's about the only negative thing I could find in this picture.
The colours are a bit unusual, but that's "artistic freedom", I guess. ^^

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MasterMerol responds:

She's not angry, she's trying to grab the duck. It's more like a concentrated face!

Yeah, those are rocks and are next to her. The trees are normal, they seem to be small but they are actually far away! I failed at the perspective again...

I think I should have picked another color for the sky, and the duck looks a bit green, like if it was fluorescent or something like that.


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Nov 25, 2010
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