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EBF Foe Contest: Fabulous Frogs!

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May 31, 2016 | 6:07 AM EDT
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Author Comments

Frogs! Frogs Everywhere!

These pesky little enemies start as somewhat boring basic frogs, but in contact with magical elemental attacks, they rapidly change to a form based around adversaries attack. In example Basic Frog gets hit by thunder? ZAP! A completely refreshed Bolt Frog steps into the fray. By refreshed I mean that it gets completely healed of any wounds and nasty status effects. The transformation should not be any more complex than when Player Characters change their weapons mid-battle like Matt for example. Frog shines white, new model replaces it, fight on.

However Frogs can only absorb elements which they are NOT weak against. So a Bolt Frog could not transform into Burly (aka Earth) Frog. In addition this rule only extends to MAGICAL attacks. Physical attacks (even with some elemental damage to them) do not trigger transformations. And this is where standard Frog Attacks available to all species come in.

Attack 1 Sticky Tongue: Initially I thought that it should work as a sort of interruption counter to magic attacks. Once for example Natalie evokes magical sign in front of her, first enemy frog to act would grab it with it's tongue and eat it, triggering transformation. But for simplicity's sake it might as well be reduced to a normal attack, that depending on frog type, may carry additional elemental damage to it ie. Blazing Frog might have flames on tip of its tongue.

Attack 2 Cranky Croak: Might be used as an idle animation for frogs, or as a sort of taunt/cheer kind of move. Could apply buffs to enemy party while simultaneously summon 1 additional Basic Frog to the fray.

Attack 3 Hypno Frog!: This special move screws with the party's mind making them unable to use normal attacks. They can still use magic though. Basically it is another take on popular silence negative status.

Additionaly each specific frog might use corresponding elemental spells depending on its form. Blistered Frog casts Toxic spell on party, Blazing Fire spells and so on.

As for stats frogs should have relatively high hp, evade and defense, somewhat low magical defense and very high elemental weaknesess for elemental frogs, while Basic Frog resistances should stick around maybe even at 0%.

So there you have it, an enemy that might prove to be an utmost annoyance to party if left unchecked, or a compulsory distraction from taking care of other foes.

Pokemon Eevee and Lickitung
Final Fantasy 9 Quina and Blue Magic in general
Futurama Hypno Toad
Epic Battle Fantasy (duh!)