City Block Render


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Made in good ol cinema 4d. Hope you like it!

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3D stuff

This is more a review based off DeschRTG's review. Although I won't fault, I think a lot of the appeal of this pic how cartoonish and fun the building is, and the use of vibrant colours.

I would say over-consideration of the textures would mean the pic is attempting realism, which would not only destroy the fun aspect, but would highlight other areas which require further work.

Since I'm considering this a cartoonish 3D model, I'd say that'd it be nice to give some individuality to the building, since it's people that give it personality. Say clothes lines and flower boxes from a couple of window sills, grafitti, hop scoth squares, etc. It could give a clue to what kind of neighbourhood the builiding is in.

... and architecturally (unless I'm wrong), shouldn't there be a fire escape door on each level, as opposed to only the top? Also the Wacom ad board would mean that 1 or 2 of the apartments have no windows.

What one reviewer said

It's a great picture and it resembles so much the graphic from Team Fortress 2

hard for me to put one answer...

As for my title above, it would depend on whether you are a beginner or more experienced , for a beginner then I'm am very impressed, and I can see the vast potential so long as you keep at it, if you are more experienced then depending on just how experienced, I might say that I would've expected a little better. But non of that will help you to get any better. whatever your level I'm giving you an 8, for a great start. Now I am a advent Maya user, but I have used other programs, and so I know that all the 3D programs, are general similar, even with all their respective differences. So I will be making my points from a Maya technical perspective, thought I assume that C4D wouldn't be to far off.

The first thing, and yes this has been said, it is too clean, all of your edges are to straight, if you were to smooth the ledges and concrete blocks that divide the brick it will at least round off the edges/corners, if doing that makes them TO round you can add edge loops near the edges of the poly cubes, this will sharpen the edges, the closer you put the new edge loop to the existing edge the sharper your smoothed edge will be, so don't put them too close or it will defeat the purpose.

A normal map on the bricks would be excellent to make them appear weathered, but at the very least, use the brick wall image (as a black & white image) and use it as a bump map so that the bricks protrude out further then the mortar

on all you metal, if you were to dial down the eccentricity/specular roll off, and even reflectivity to give a real, aged look right now everything looks like its covered in chrome

Get some reference images next time you model something like this, it will help you to go beyond just simple shapes with a texture on them

And for the last thing would be it needs to be less..similar, I know you duplicated and translated a lot of these elements in the piece and I know that was the point, but for it to seam "real" it needs to be more random. I noticed that some windows had a single vertical beam in the middle and a few others had cross beams and that a start, but also try having a few windows open, half open, a pane or two with a broken or cracked piece or glass, anything to "randomize" the image

So sorry to write so much but I always enjoy offering my opinions about 3D work, I always just wanna help others improve, in anyway I can, hoping they will one day return the favor :)

Hope you found this at all helpful

This is truly amazing!

You're really talented with this stuff! I love it!


looks like Modern Buildings str8 outta Team Fortress 2.

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4.54 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2010
11:12 AM EST
3D Art
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1000 x 1800 px
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