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This is a "Shaman Symbol" From my Larp that one of my NPC's (Non Player Character) Carry. Basically it's a holy symbol. Carved from pine and put on a Dowl. (Usually we get them pre made from Micheal's, well the ball and disk anyway, but we were running low so I carved my own disk. The Ball I found at a different craft store and drilled a hole into and carved the design using a Dremel.) Base coated black with gold highlights and a splash of red, tied with a brown hand made ribbon and attached to a gold XO chain. It belongs to Dalcan Vasteeve a Shaman who tried to protect his town from undead and failed. The chain was his gift to his wife for an anniversary, and the ribbon was one she always wore in her hair. He adorned his symbol with them to remeber her. He uses the chain to wear it around his neck (Surprisingly effective and comfortable considering the symbol's size). Shaman symbols all have the same basic shape but the colors and designs vary to each shaman's tastes and personalities.

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You know, this reminds me of something a friend once made me for a birthday. All of your recent work reminds me of projects he's shown me before.

It looks kinda hastily made. I mean, it's all around a decent (sculpture? not sure what to call it) but maybe a little more time could have been spent on it.

The photos of said (sculpture?) however, look professionally done. That is some mighty fine camera work.

MajesticBob responds:

The pictures while they came out ok, most definetly do not do the piece justice much to my chargrin.

Getting Better

Let us start with my first impression. That impression was that this was a staff and that this was much larger than what it actually is. I was honestly thinking that it was a 6 foot staff or something. And with that idea, I figured that this was the only embellished part of the staff, and thus the focus of the Item.
As it was shown though, I was wrong and it is a much smaller item than I thought.

I would like to commend you on the carving of the disk and sphere. They are pretty nicely done Very clean and smooth.
Without much back story on your LARP, I cannot comment much on what the symbol should look like, but IâEUTMll try and comment off some speculation. I would embellish this a little. Perhaps some pseudo-engravings done with some etching tools, or something to give the symbol a little bit more of expensive feel. Some creative dry brushing with some black and gold paint can make it look very antique. Although that is if it is suppose to be metal. Now if it is suppose to be wooden, then I would attempt to perhaps still add some carved embellishments for a little style and flair.

The chain and ribbon is a nice touch, good and personal since the piece is geared toward that. Although they are nice, I do have a slight issue with the ribbon. I cannot tell if it is one of those ribbons that have the wire in the edges, or just because it is lying down, but the way it seems to hold itself up is kind of bothersome. Not like something that someone would wear in their Hair. I would expect a little less rigidness to it. And then perhaps stain it a little. If she was wearing it when she and the town was attacked, it would make sense to have it a little more tattered and perhaps blood stained. This would allude to it being from a tragic event for those who know little or nothing of the back story of the ribbon.
The paint isnâEUTMt bad. The overlay lends itself to some unique looking paint. It has a very deep metallic color shining through which looks nice. I think some more styling or perhaps some masking on the âEUoeStickâEU could help a little with some of the jazz of it.

Over all, the majority of earthy tones give it a slightly lacking feel. I would suggest adding something that really draws the attention. The easiest thing I think would be a brighter ribbon.

Would have liked a couple of closer shots for some of the detail, like that red mark that I see, but it still looks very nice at a distance. You have gotten better at the presentation of your creations, which is good. Continue to practice taking photos of your props.

MajesticBob responds:

Kinsei old friend, there is indeed carvings in the sphere. Roughly (Very roughly) in the pattern of human skull plates. The color is alternated between shiny black and flat black with gold specks. The carving lines are inlaid with silver color and the red dot is actually a hole. The ribbon does not have a wire in it. The color shceme may seem "Boring" but they match the characters personality. As always, I'm honored by your review.

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