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Preview of gauntlet I'm working on.


Cool glove

thats pretty cool man, if you were to slap someone with that would it initiate a duel?

MajesticBob responds:

Probably. A power Ranger duel, but a duel none the less/


Well it kind of looks dull at the moment but imagine you plan to do a little more on the inside to make it comfortable when you wear them at least anyways. Blue is a good color for a gauntlet too. What kind of outfit do you plan to have with making these gauntlets anyways? Looks quite well constructed anyways though. Very nicely done.

Overall, it's blue which is cool.

Review Request Club

MajesticBob responds:

It's going to be a single gauntlet. There's no outfit with it per se. Since it is made out of paper and foam It's quite comfortable to wear. Thanks for the review. I appreciate it.

Good Start, but a bit too blue as-is...

I definitely like the design that you've created here, but I think it needs some little details/ different colors involved now! I really do have to complement the details that you've done here with just paper though; really incredible! :D

Overall I think this rocks, but needs a couple more little things!
Great work!


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MajesticBob responds:

Thanks! While there is still much more to do, I kinda want to keep it monochrome, I.E. Blue. However your not the first to request more color so when it's all said and done that might just happen. Thank you again for the review.

Looks a little flat...

Okay, so this gauntlet seems to have a lot going for it in the way of forearm protection and finger protection, but there's nothing covering the back of the hand, except for a piece of rubber, which looks like it would be better serving the palm of your hand, to aid with grip, for example.

I know that there can be issues with providing some sort of robust padding there, as I wear heavily padded gloves while playing cricket. You've got a lot of room for manoeuvre, as the back of the hand doesn't move that much , except maybe at the joint of the wrist, which I'm sure you could work around. The two ways to look at going are extensions of the finger detail, or just a massive pad across the back of the hand.

As far as the aesthetics of the piece look, you may wish to consider increasing the curvature of the guard around the arm, as opposed to leaving a piece which looks like a triangular board strapped across the arm. Continuing your angular theme, you can certainly afford to add a little more detail to the top of the arm-guard, especially when you consider the fact that there is a nasty array of spikes on either side, which can be used as improvised weapons (or possibly that was your intention in the first place?)

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MajesticBob responds:

Thank you for the detailed review. I kinda wish I used materials that could hold up to use like you described. Alas, tis' all for glamour and glab. You make some good points, and when I'm not being a lazy douche, I'll incorporate some of them when I (finally) finish the thing. When I do post the final product I'll be sure to include multiple angles so you can see all the little details. Thank you again for the review.

Long Time No See Bob

So the Gauntlet is coming together, and nicely I might add. I am very pleased with the progress so far. The reason I only gave a seven though is because that this is still a progress shot. I can see some juicy things coming from this in the future.

Lets start with some shadows. Even though this is full size, and will cast shadows on its self decently enough, I think you should paint in some to help it out. Go around to the areas where things overlap and paint some darker blues, navy, or black in to the folds. This will give a much more deep feel to the piece. And don't forget to gradient out the paint so it fades in to your current blue.

Some accents would be good too. I don't want to plug in to this too much since I'm sure that some are coming. But I will give some suggestions. That big open spot on the back is begging for something big and flashy. Like a big red gem or something. I sat red because red does go well with blue. (Yay! I know some color theory!) Some accents of gold seems like it would go well with the blue as well.I would like to see some edging and some engravings with the gold paint or something.
I would also perhaps do some fry brushing with some gray or silver on some of the spikes to give the a warn feel.

Good Photo too. Its nice and clear, and I can see a lot of the detail. I know I'm usually riding you pretty hard on the photo quality, but I think you did a pretty good job this time. I also noticed that you "Cut it out" so their would be no distraction as well. Good choice. I would like to see lots of different High quality views when you get this complete.

Keep me posted

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