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A painting I did on a 1ft x 1ft piece of wood using Spray paint. (Well I did use a brush for the fish, and a paper towel to make the textures)

The pic came out a little dark, but actually adds something to it.

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Much better!

Okay, so the tank could use a good clean, but I think we can work around that. Personally, I would have put more work into the fish, a few more layers of detail, making them three colours, as opposed to just a monochromatic silhouette. The effect is quite profound and even the splodges for the bubbles works surprisingly well.

Perhaps spend a little more time practising the drawing / painting of the Angel Fish, before you put them into your piece. (Usually, Angel fish are quite a bit bigger. The green one on the left has a tiny body, compared to the fins, which may not be out of the ordinary, but the proportions are slightly wrong) They tend to look conventional at the moment, with them all occupying a horizontal plane - try having one pecking at the gravel at the base of the tank, for example.

Yes, it looks murky in there, but that is something that can be tolerated, as some people choose not to light their aquarium, which leads to these dim scenes. Perhaps consider a lighter backing colour in future and maybe you will compensate enough, but not too much.

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MajesticBob responds:

You have some very valid points. The only thing I am going to say is: They are not angel fish. They are Beta fish, and yes I know they don't get along so they would not be in a group like that. I just like Betas. But you are still right, I mean Kinsei thought they were frogs. I could try and say since this was mostly just spraypaint, i could use that as an excuse, but it would be weak. If I'm going to try something different, I should still practice and get them more recognizable. Thanks for the review.

Actually, I thought they were Frogs

No really, look at the one in the bottom left. They look like frogs.
Anyway. A piece like this has a couple elements above normal art pieces. This kind of makes them harder to critique. But that extra mileage helps more than hurts.

Over all this takes a very simplistic design appeal. Much of it is silhouette. I guess like a structured abstract of images. It reminds me much of the backgrounds created by Chuck Jones when he was working on Looney Toons. They had shapes and colors, but were simple and effective.

one of the things I want to point out, which surprises me since I'm the kind of guy who surfs google images for 16MP pictures, and that is the size. At maximum size, the grainyness of the picture gets in the way of the art, so the picture is too big.
*GASP* I actually said that?!?!
Well, yes its too big, but at the same time the sample size is much too small to get the full detail. So I had to manage with opening the full size in a new tab and then let Firefox handle the rest. This gave me about 55% size. And it worked out great. I got to see the picture, and the grain didn't get in the way.

The painting of the background and middle ground worked out very well. Spray paint can be a difficult too to use well, but you have managed, and I give you kudos for that.
Your forms are pretty nice and this seems pretty well though out and executed. Some of the transparency of your paint brush strokes and textureing with paper towels give some good depth as well.

Don't take this the wrong way my man, but I have noticed that you have done a much better job with your gun customizations as well as this here than you have done on the digital realm. Perhaps this is more of your nitch rather than Photoshop or flash. And to be honest there is nothing wrong with that. We don't get much hand crafted things around here so things like real paintings and rebuilds are nice.
We could use more of stuff like this. The only thing I want to suggest is to read the tips over documenting your work again, http://art101.newgrounds.com/news/post/314936 , and perhaps get a better camera so you can take much better photos of your work.

Congrats, keep this up and you just may have a scout in your future.

MajesticBob responds:

Thanks! No, offense taken. I agree with you. I'm just was more comfortable with a spray can than a mouse. Huh, go figure. And they are clearly Fish lol.

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Jun 29, 2011
10:08 PM EDT
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