Samus In Color


Zero Suit
Did this as a request by one of my buddies.


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Wow, dude! This is just truly amazing! I've been staring at this picture for over an hour now!
Like seriously, how do you even get so good at drawing? Sometimes I draw things and feel like "wow that's a masterpiece". And then I go to newgrounds to show it to people and I find you, and then I feel like a little bitch because of how good you are!
I've been trying to copy the way you shade in your other pictures *look at my cammy drawing*. And I do believe I failed horribly.
I would really like to know how you've been through while you were learning, do you have any sketchbook showcase that I can look at?
Also, one more quick question.
How do you color? I've seen the monochrome version of this picture. Do you put colors on layers on top and Overlay?

Mahjix responds:

Thanks for your review! I'm glad you like it! You get better by drawing more and more along with the will of exceeding your own capabilities. Judging by your gallery, I can definitely see some progress in your work so just keep doing what you're doing and you'll get there in no time. The thing I did when I first got a tablet was find an artist I looked up to the most. When I was younger, I really enjoyed the artwork from Darkstalkers 3, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom A LOT, so that was my starting point. I used to use those as, sort of, a reference (and still do, sometimes!) to find out what it was that made those artworks look so well in their simplest form. Sometimes, I would draw the characters as I saw them just to get an idea of how everything worked and try to understand what Bengus (the artist for these games, if I recall correctly) saw.

After a while, I ran into Kim Hyung-tae's artwork and fell absolutely in love with his style. I used that as a bar to reach and with each time I colored something, my goal was always to have something that resulted in something of his flavor (my Iishi Haruko piece [which is also my current avatar] would be the best example of homing in on his style). This led me into all sorts of areas of study in regards to shadows, color theory, harmony, soft vs hard shadows etc. I found it also good practice due to his intricate character designs and poses; a lot of other artist sort of follow the same generic base design, however, Kim's work is more elaborate and surreal, yet, visually appealing--that's a different discussion, though.

Once I became more aware of how it all works together and reached that bar, I started venturing out of that comfort zone and began to expand out into more art styles and approaches to certain situations in search of my own. Samus, here, is an example of me testing out the waters of portrait/semi-realism art as well as starting off in gray-scale with color overlays as opposed to working directly in color (I think that answers your latter question).

Of course, all of this worked for me so the same method may or may not work for you, and I still have much to learn myself so I'll refrain from making any blunt suggestions. Again, just keep doing whatever it is that you're doing; the progress is definitely apparent.

Also, I don't really have a sketchbook... thing... per se, but I have a deviantART with more of my work:

Amazing picture , but one question , how did you do that blurry effect , makes the lines look awesome !

Mahjix responds:

Thanks! Just use a very soft and large round brush around the edges that you want to look blurred. The bigger the brush size, the more blurry it will look.

I love this Sammus painting, how do you get that effect on the shadows?

Mahjix responds:

Thanks! I'm not sure what you mean but I worked in greyscale for the values with a 0 hardness round brush, and, on a separate layer, added the colors via 'Color' for the layer blending option.

Oh wow... This is unbelievably awesome.

Mahjix responds:

Thanks! :}

let's see some boobs

Mahjix responds:

Not this time! ;}

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Mar 7, 2014
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