Doubles13- First Contact

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Doubles13- First Contact

Author Comments

One day out of the clouds came big ships...
Creating havoc all around...
Thousands of ships eating up resources...
Until nothing was left for men....
A collaboration between Mabelma and the amazing Re2deemer (http://re2deemer.newgrou I did the line art and he did the amazing coloring. All of the line art was done on photoshop using the brush tool and the pen tool and the coloring was done using Gimp and a variety of techniques.
I hope you like it.



What an amazing piece. I usually don't like handing out 10's, but I can't find anything I don't like about this one.

It's a very dark piece, which I can really enjoy. It's not that there's a lot of black, but that the colours used are darkened. The lasers provide a contrast, which enhances the feeling of darkness. Shit is going down, absolutely.

You've coloured somewhat outside the edges, if you enlarge the piece. I can't really give you a plus nor a minus for this, because I can't decide whether I like it or not. The lines are smooth, nothing feels choppy or uneven.

I don't really see too many people here, though. There should be some running out on the streets, panicking. I get that this might've been a surprise attack, but seeing the havoc they've already done, people should be reacting.

Overall a great piece. It feels good, it looks professional. I love it.

Review Request Club

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Mabelma responds:

Thanks so much for the great feedback, it's greatly appreciated. I'm starting to think that the chaos is the only thing missing for this to become an amazing piece instead of a great piece.

Aliens, ships, tractor beams, cities destroyed

Hey Mabelma, thanks for submitting this piece. Looks like a very authentic piece of art. Here we go, here's the review:

- Creativity/Originality -
Very creative, very original, very nice. I like the general ambience of the art, it's very dark and brooding and apocalyptic, as seen by the cloudy dark sky in the background. The light of the laser beams or whatever, contrasts with the light to give some sort of eerie feel to the piece. I like it. Very impressive. Very War of the Worlds-esque, but you've put your own twist on it. I like.

- Soul -
Again the soul of your art is very apocalyptic, very end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it. Your art does portray a sense of fear, but maybe if you made the perspective from closer to ground level, you could feel more empathetic with the world below. From this high, it seems like we're detached from the fate of the people. Mind you, this height also connects us with the aliens. Which has its own appeal.

- Entertainment -
I find this art very fun. Looking at the little detail, from the detail of the trees and houses etc. being sucked up into the ship etc. The cloud goes right in front of the ship, and may I say - everything's immaculately detailed. Except I can't seem to get whether the beams are tractor beams or destroying beams. They probably just pull the dirt out of the ground. Either way, it doesn't matter too much.

- Professionalism -
I agree, the colouring is amazing and very professional. Doesn't mean the line art isn't bad either, it's pretty very good anyway. The neon lights or whatever on the ships hull are very nice looking too. Overall, great teamwork.

- Reviewer's Tilt -
All I have to say is... WOW. Pretty amazing. The level of detail is amazing. it's pretty spectacular stuff. The brooding atmosphere and immaculate detail is astonishing. Well done. Thanks for letting me see your art.

- Creativity/Originality: 9/10
- Soul: 8/10
- Entertainment: 8/10
- Professionalism: 10/10
- Reviewer's Tilt: 9/10

VERDICT: Spectacular!


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Mabelma responds:

No, thank you for such an amazing review. It's so detailed an informative, you're a great reviewer. Keep up the amazing work and I'll try to fix the things you and everyone else has mentioned.


Wow, this art is immensely impressive, the details of it, over the awesome coloring and creativity are from a natural professional artist, the light inside this picture was one of my favorites, because it have all realistic ways of clear and brightness, you can see on the buildings or places next, like the parks, the yellow brightness light-up from the blasts shot out by the spaceships. A thing that did my eyes be also hipnotized was the details with light and coloring from the clouds in the horizon, you can see that is sometime before become a new day, in a morning, like in that kinds where they represent by a rooster singing on a barn. The drawings is amazing, the lines are really smooth and you can see all on details with perfect curves, an example is in the middle of the two fires, on the destroyed wall, the lines are perfect. The trees look like mushrooms, but I know that the true intention of it was to turn the ships looks like giant spaceships over the city to look so small, like helpless people running from the imminent strike. Looking through the full size screen, you can see all the awesome details that you placed, like the pieces of destruction from the blasts explosions, the stop sign, the road details, also you can see on the "radioactive factory", like a garbage decompressor. The tridimensional position of the buildings are really realistic, also for curved lines, the clouds are really smooth and cute and the blur effect that you placed on them are really good, also for the sky looking like a polluted sky, the blue~grey painting was very interesting, other thing that was really cool by full size, is the traffic light that you did, it's a perfect construction. Man, really, keep with your awesome work, you're a natural born artist and your painter was amazing. Vote 5 and score 10.

~Review Request Club~

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Mabelma responds:

Thank, I'm really glad you liked the lineart and yes, he did an amazing thing coloring this. Thanks for all the compliments you gave both of us, it's greatly appreciated. Although, he really isn't my painter or anything, this was just a small project we collaborated in, he's the one that really deserves all of this praise, he came up with the idea and the coloring is just amazing.


I thought the piece was really cool with all of the colors but I think the buildings could of used more detail but the ships and the death ray was amazingly detailed and the marks it left on the street. The shadow effects with the lights are a good thing too and this looks like you took a long time to make this when it's in full-size. I think if you added text and captions to it, then it would make a great b-movie poster for that contest thing on the forums and such. This is kind of a different style of than you normally do and you did great on it. I think you should get the trial of Photoshop because if you have mastered Gimp art, then you can conquer Photoshop. That's all I have to say.

~Review Request Club~


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Mabelma responds:

Thanks for such a great review but this wasn't all completely done by me, all of the coloring was done by Re2demmer so he pretty much deserves all of this recognition you are giving him but thanks . Keep in mind this was a collab between two artist .

This is awesome.

One quick question though... where's the mayhem on the streets? Where are all of those people running for their lives and cars crashing into buildings? You mean to tell me that everyone safely evacuated the area in a calm and orderly fashion, which in return left nobody behind, not even their vehicles? :P Perhaps that was just something you missed, but in my opinion it would have added a lot of life to this submission.

That's honestly the only complaint (if you can call it a complaint) that I had about the submission at all though. In fact, I added it to my favorite art submissions. You lost a little bit of quality as the picture went back, but I would love to see something like this in a flash animation. Art like this in a flash would be front paged and probably bring in a nice amount of ad revenue to go along with it.

Anyways, a short review for me, but it's always been hard for me to review a submission when I don't find much fault with it and when I enjoyed it like I did this submission. Keep up the good work and keep requesting in the Review Request Club.

~ Review Request Club ~

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Mabelma responds:

Thank you so much for the kind words, it's great to hear so many with all the work we put to this. Now that you say it, we kinda this missed it, I'll talk to my partner (the one I collaborated with) and ask him if he would want to add those things. I'm glad you liked it and about the Flash thing I would love to hear what you have in mind or if you could explain a little more cause I really didn't understand it send me a pm whenever you can.

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Credits & Info

4.31 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2010 | 7:34 PM EDT
File Info
1124 x 1599 px
1.7 mb

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