The Dream Sequence


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This is my second (or second, third, and fourth) painting. It's a triptych; three different paintings that are placed next to eachother (in this case, vertically) to form a single image.
I'm still adjusting to real paints, since I'm completely new to them.

9x6 each, 9x18 as a whole, acrylic on board.

Comments and critique are appreciated. I always respond.



Now I see you have done some more acrylic!
Without a doubt this is art! It seems like the little one in the lower right corner is kinda letting/spitting out the big one, like a soul or so. But the big red one leaves kinda creepy feeling and he reminds of the death impersonated with his stretched out index finger. The other two also seem to be kinda shocked and staring in disbelieve. Just great!
The backgrounds aren't something special, but I don't think that I could do it better. Did they maybe have the deeper meaning of representing the 3 base colors RGB? It doesn't really matter. I also would hang this one on my wall immediately!


I saw some of your other pieces they're really nice. I think you should stick with physical materials (paints, pencils, etc.) with colors as it seems to better express your kind of style. Oor it just looks awesome :P Good luck!

Luxembourg responds:

Thanks for the input, but I actually quite like working digitally and have spent a lot of money on my software and tablet, so I don't think I'll move away from that any time soon. There's no reason I can't work in both physical and digital media, though.
Glad you like the stuff. Thanks for the review.

Traditional, Nice!

Don't get much of these, so this might be a bit fun.

One of the first things I notice was the three colors. I was thinking "What the hell? Did He mask this off?" But then I took a look at the authors comments and found that this was actually three paintings. I have to admit that little surprise adds a little to the wow factor to this. I bet that a bit of preplanning came in to play here.

One problem I am seeing is a lack of lighting. You have some on the masks and the small yellow bird, but I am seeing little to none on the large pink character or the blue one. Some good lighting with some texture would really add to this.

I really hope you can continue to learn more about paints and continue to post them up. I think this is pretty nice for a start.

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Luxembourg responds:

Yeah, it can be a bit weird to look at at first. Usually triptychs are hung up with a little bit of space between each panel so it's fairly obvious they're separate pieces, but I can't arrange them in such a way until I find a means of hanging them up.

I'll admit to the lack of lighting on the spirits. If you mean the large reddish-brown one by "large pink one", I worked some lighter shades into the fur (namely on the top panel), but it's true that I didn't add nearly enough lighting. I guess I was kind of lazy with the blue one, as well, since that one has nearly nothing in the way of lights.

Thanks for the review, Kinsei.
You give surprisingly large reviews for a whore.

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Dec 31, 2010
10:48 PM EST
Fine Art
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