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For the Friday flood, the theme obviously being bunnies.
Did some vectors, for a change. They're not something I'm very good with, but that's what practice is for.
Made in Inkscape. Comments and Critiques are appreciated. I always respond.

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I see Luxembourg!

I see Luxembourg! :D

That is a cute bunny, but what is up with the tiny box by his shoulder? And there is some lines by his left ear. Also, his 'tummy' seem a little sharp compared to how round and soft the rest of his body looks. I should have gone for one sweeping line from the shoulder to the tip of the tail, to make it look round and soft. The background seems a little too hard for the creature. Blue, green or purple maybe would have been a better choice. The 'Lux!' goes great with the background. But towards the softness of the creature I would say no ..

But I do love the cuteness and how soft it looks. A little ghost in a bunny outfit, its so cute. The most adorable face, evah!! But I did think he was giving me the finger when I first saw him, lolol.

Luxembourg responds:

I'm sorry, Lark! I haven't been on much lately, so I didn't notice you'd commented on my drawing. Thank you for the complements. The box is a result of an accident in coloring; vectors don't work the same way as normal drawings do, and if I make an accident, it's not so simple as just erasing over my mistake. Filling in the box was the best I could do, but it left some space around that I hoped wouldn't be too noticeable. The sharp edge of his tummy was an error of carelessness, and I really shouldn't have missed it. The colors could have been better, I agree.
Sorry that my bunny seemed to be giving you the bird! Thank you very much for the review, Lark. I very much appreciate it.

Nice clean design

I like the colors on his face, although you could have done more with that. There are quite a few "errors" in this one; the bas of the ears, the box near his shoulder... A good first venture at vectors though. I dont like the way you did the lux, it doesnt really fit imo.

Luxembourg responds:

Damn, I was hoping nobody would notice the box near his shoulder. I don't know how it happened and I didn't know how to fix it, so I kind of just covered it up. As for the base of the ears, that was just a dumb mistake and hopefully not one I'll make in the future.
I wanted to add more blue-greens into the image, as you suggested, but I didn't really know where to put them.
Thanks for the review, qb.

i dig...

simple and effective... you have got the right level of simplicity without over doing it or just seeming lazy... the style is good but i think the colors don't work together, I'm going to totally contradict 50/50 and say that the background seems to harsh against the softness of the creature... using softer shades of red/pink or a different color might have worked better in my view...

Luxembourg responds:

I totally agree about the colors. I actually went in and used some color correction on it on Thursday night in order to tone down the colors to a less saturated and more aesthetically pleasing palette, but my program crashed before I could completely finish it and save it. For the most part, I was trying to use a color palette unlike my usual colors, which are usually much darker.
Glad you like it anyways, though.

I want...

A slightly jagged lined background, I think it would fit the overall theme better. Feels too clean and uniform in comparison to the way everything else is drawn.

Luxembourg responds:

If you're comparing it to all the other flood pics, I couldn't have made it to fit with everything else because I was the first person in the forum to finish a piece for the flood. I do like the idea of a jagged background, though, and that would actually fit the word bubble above the rabbit as well.
Thanks for dropping a review, Savory.

Simplicity is the key...

From all the Friday Flood pics, I like this one the most. It's very pleasing the eyes. The colors really give you the feeling of softness. Reminds me of Pixelcake. And may I ask about Inkscape?

Luxembourg responds:

What would you like to know about Inkscape?
It's a free little program that you can download on inkscape.org. I wouldn't specifically tell you how to do anything because I did all this by messing around and figuring it out myself. I'm likely doing it all wrong.

Thanks for the compliments. PixelCake is the reason I wanted to try out vector stuff, so I'm glad you're making a comparison like that. Glad you dropped a review, man.

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Feb 4, 2011
6:22 PM EST
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