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Friday Frog


Sorry, I am late again. Thumb won't crop properly too. :(

Friday Frog

I hope you like it!

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Now right about now you're all going "WHAT IN THE SHIT, LINT? WHY YOU GOTTA SCORE LIKE THAT?"
I want you to keep in mind that I'm comparing you to AlvinHew, to all the greats in the portal and quite a few greats outside of it.

Why? Because I don't believe in being a condescending little prick with my scores, Luw, and I'm pretty sure you can take it.

Fact is it's obvious that you quite know how light works. Comparing the steaks of light across the frog to other parts of the same creature and the light seems to come from anywhere - above, across, there's just no singular point of light and it really makes the creature look worse. The frog itself doesn't even seem to cast a shadow, with points like the creature's back legs still being inexplicably lit.

To counteract that, I fucking IMPLORE you to do some studies from life. Learn how light works, and apply it to your paintings. You've been at this for a while and really haven't gotten any better, and from my own perspective that seems to be because you don't understand how light works.

While we're on the subject of light, don't be afraid to push the boundaries as far as they'll go - use dark shadows and highlights, your art really seems to be the product of being very timid with how you approach your form and you really need to push yourself if you're going to get better at this.

The texture that you've got going here has, for a lack of a better fuckin' expression, been liberally applied and yet have a minor effect - the thing about texture is that it's meant to indicate material (in this case brush metal and a very cardboard-looking background) and despite that there's been no indication of highlights and while it helps indicate form, its very much obvious that you just applied the texture and went back over it with a soft brush.

Don't be afraid to render your pictures more - add some detail, make it interesting, play with it. See what you can do with it.

The background is easily another pretty bad part of this - honestly, it just looks like a really sad attempt to make the picture more visually busy and try to balance out the simplicity wrought by the focal point.

But overall? Luw, this pic just isn't interesting. It's a very visual simplistic painting of a very simplistic creature in the very standard profile view. "Be more creative" is a dick thing to say, but that's exactly what I'm saying.

Practice, Experiment, and Analyse. Please? Feel free to PM me if you need any clarification on what I'm saying here.

Needs some shadows under it imo. Maybe a little more contrast too, since it's metal (right?). If not, it could use some froggy texture or something :P
Once again, I'm liking the way you thought of that mechanism :3
great job Lulu!

Credits & Info

Waiting for 2 more votes

Mar 2, 2012
7:19 PM EST
File Info
1500 x 1200 px
1.7 MB

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