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Smug looking Grin

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Nov 30, 2012 | 9:57 PM EST
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Faces, in my opinion, are one of the hardest, yet best accomplishments in the art real to be able to do well. I still have a long way to go.

Critique is always welcome~



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Feminine faces kick my ass too, dude. But like all things, it's a practice! Here's my two bits:

You absolutely NAILED the jaw-line, mouth/lips, and nose. ALL THREE OF THOSE features I royally screw up when trying to draw a female, so I take extra notice when somebody gets it right, lol.

I should also add the skin lighting/shading is top notch; it looks believable and compliments the art style.

The eye might (MIGHT!) be a tad too high on the cheek and right of the nose. I'm trying to conjure where the left eye would be, and if we could flip the bangs up to see the forehead for would that skull look? Still though, I can't stress enough that this is a BIG MAYBE, because everyone's art style is unique, and intentional creative license with a characters anatomy is absolutely okay to lend one's individual artistic flair to a character. ^ This paragraph? Merely my observation.

The long, slender neck is actually kind of eye-grabbing...and it was a wise move to abstain from adding lines or implied dimensions of the neck. The more details on that neck, the more aged she will look...this character is young, so good deal :D

The collar-bone is a good touch, the popped collar helps steer the eye away from paying attention to how long that neck might be, but open enough to maybe invite some teeth to sink in (right there. RIGHT ON HER JUGULAR) but I'm having a bit of a ponder with her breast shape. I understand with the oval-ness of her left breast (stage-right breast) with the bold line probably implies that her jacket is tight enough to sort of push those babies up...maybe a little mushing action going on...but if that were the case, then the seperation between the breasts (the "V" or "Y" if you will) would look different.

The angle of the slope downward on that (stage-right) breast would imply that her tits sag down and out. By being pushed up, they would kinda level out flat/plateu at the top as they're pushed up by the jacket. Why am I going into this much detail about it? Because the conflicting detail is on the outer dimensions over the jacket on her left breast. I can dig that she's got a HUGE rack, but the slope of that outer line on (stage-left) titty would imply that the tits rest a lot higher, and this (rather large) jacket is mushing them inward. This would lead to a tiny "v" at the top of an elongated "Y" cleavage, methinks.

Either way, however you intended it, you TEASE US into thinking that she has an EPIC RACK and then you cut off the picture at the bottom so we can't see the entirety of her splendor? I am mildly disappoint...lololol

Wrapping it up, the hair looks fantastic; I'm particularly impressed with the detail in coloring and remaining consistent with the lightsource (in front,, chest-high, pointed up slightly). And USUALLY I'm kind of at a loss of ideas on what to do with the background. This sort of flower-petal design is not only stylish, but actually LENDS to the overall piece, and helps it pop. It's vibrant, but not so vibrant that it distracts us from our Busty Grin-Gal.

5/5, great work!

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LucidOrdinance responds:

Finally some decent review! I've been craving for actual feedback.

I see what you mean on conflicting detail for the rack there. Most likely due to the fact i didn't draw MORE of the body originally, which is what probably screwed me up. I didn't see that they were irregular shaped till now, and i'll keep in mind your pointers to make sure that consistency will play part int he future. Her rack is indeed very irregular shaped, now that I look at it. As well as the neck being a bit too long and the irregular angle/placement of the one eye we can see. Given your feedback, now I can see why and how to fix it.

And you're definitely right on cleavage orientation there in terms of that "pressed together" shape. That was just my folly to not pay attention to it.

Either way, thanks for the feedback, mate. Stuff like this, and taking time to actually give me your two cents on what you think rather than MINDLESS COMPLEMENTING is exactly what I was hoping for from this community, and you have definitely delivered on that. I can take this to improve in my next piece for sure.