Grape Vine Bracelet


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Grape vine bracelet in nugold brass alloy.


Cool rustic!

You made this? It's very neat. I had an interest in designing jewelry once.

radiodark responds:

Thank you. Jewelry design is great fun, and I love the process of planning jewelry so that it complements the human form.

Good stuff

It looks pretty good, makes me wonder how you did the holes.. pretty puzzeling. I would do pretty basic drill/file but it would take alot of time

For the rest, it's pretty basic sheet metal shaped in a bracelet. Would be very nice if you could use some brazing to add pieces on top of this shape, to add some complexity.. then you go and make it plated to hide the soldering spots. Copper or brass is easily brazed with standardcopper plumbing hardware, cheap too.

still, very nice work!

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radiodark responds:

Yes, I used a metal hole punch and a dremel in some places to start the holes, then a jeweler's saw to cut them out. Files, sandpaper and polishing wheel to finish it.
I doubt I'll add any more pieces to the bracelet, when I wear it it snags on everything in reach and I worry enough (probably more than is necessary) about the thin copper growing brittle and snapping without additional pieces adding tension. However, if I get around to making another I'll consider bending more of the that bend outward, and possibly building places to solder additional bits on into the design.
Your comment is quite useful; I'm a half decent solderer but had never heard of brazing, and while I'm still confused as to where the terms overlap, brazing looks like a very useful technique to know.

Wikipedia seems to indicate that brazing uses higher temperatures than soldering, but then that same page also seems to be under the impression that all silver solder melts at under 800 degrees Farenheight, and even easy solder melts at around 1240 degrees F, let alone the three other common grades of solder used by jewelers and enamelers.

I think it's probably just yet another case of various metalworking crafts (industrial/electronic manufacture/sculpture/jewelery/glassworking) all using the same terminology for usages tweaked to their specific fields, but if you've any light to shed on the pandemonium I'd be grateful.

oh wow awsome

wow this is pretty neat and is art so really nice job on this, you should have explained how this was made though like the steps you took the metals and such, it looks neat though, anyways props to you on something differant

Explain the steps in the process of this making


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