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This was pretty rushed but a lot of fun. Experimented a lot. Reference for the nude from here- http://fav.me/d1u13o3.

For the M&A contest- go check it out in the art forum if you haven't seen it yet- there's some sweet stuff.


Superb I love the boobie thumbnail drag in the views lol.
Very nice work.

Wow, i really like this -and for a few reasons. First off, i admire your use of color. it is very impressionistic and anyone who can make such bold and contrasting colors look well when next to each other, has to know their colors well. Also, with impressionistic pieces and ones that look similar to that genre, i think the "unfinished" look rather suits them. the visible strokes and the broken lines really compliment the piece.

i was hoping that the preview wasnt indicative of the piece and i am glad it wasnt!


That's a intresting style you got there.

I really liked this (no homo lolz) for its awesome coloring and nice human body pose.

The only thing that's bad about this are the wall textures on the far down left, they're kinda off, Fix that and you got yourself a 5 from me.


I think this looks pretty sweet. Stylistically, it's daring and awesome. I know you are trying bigger and better things with your art because not many people explore the relationship between color an value. I see what you did there, using the values of colors to build contrast instead of the colors themselves and I think that speaks extremely highly of your artistic ability. And I'm glad you did that because otherwise it would generally be a study.

Though I think the colors get kinda muddy in places. Something like this would have benefited from larger shapes (or swatches of color) and using a full opacity. But since you've used a semi-transparent soft brush, the colors bleed into each other significantly. And since everything is grouped by value, this creates a muddy effect since things of the same value muddy each other up rather badly.

Some areas could use a contrast boost. Like the areas where his body meets the chair, and the eyes. Darkened eyes tend to bring studies to life more. Leaving the eyes grayed out lends to a kind of hollow, stony property that detracts from the liveliness of the piece, which is a shame because you've actually managed to create a character here. The way he's sitting there, complemented by the props, has a lot of personality.

Some sharper edges in places would have helped you define the forms. I can see some evidence of abs in the torso, but it gets lost in all of the transparency and overlapping strokes. And in some places the chair is not casting shadows. Like the left arm of the chair is not casting a shadow on his thigh, and the little jutting portion on the top left of the chair is not casting a shadow either.

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