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Someone on tumblr asked me a very strange question...
com/post/35783632104/oh-m y-dog-like-youve-pretty-m uch-directly-asked


And with a small giggle, and soft rosy blush, Riley's hopes of becoming the worlds greatest furry pornstar were shattered. No, just kidding. But this is too funny. The lowest part to "hit" on a guy, is his family heirloom. But then again, perhaps he will grow into it, if he stays healthy, fit, and eats properly. But then again....Maybe not. As to the budget comment, well, then I suppose it's epic never to have a budget on tools and resources, h4x plox on life. Very well drawn, captures the mood perfectly and sets up the comedy point of view. Likey very much, 5. ^_^

A new work from you. Nice. Looks like she's trying to embarrass him. Shame on you, trying to do that to poor Riley. He's got enough self-esteem issues with his sister Jessi. Anyways, I really try hard to figure out how you get that paper-esque flat shadowing. Never figured it out myself. In any case, your art is impeccable as always, through try to watch the eyes. They're looking a little square on this one. As for anything else, his fingers look a bit short as well. Maybe it's just me though (I tend to draw girly hands on whoever it is I'm drawing). Keep it going, and I hope your business picks up even more projects! ~Cheers, The Laughing Fox.

epic work i luv it :3

i never use underwear, when you have the equipment, hiding it so bad is a crime

LovelyKouga responds:

Hear hear! Although, I was talking about this with my girlfriends, and we mutually agree that we never check out crotches on men? Like, butts and hands/arms are more targeted XD;

Jeans without boxers is unimaginably uncomfortable. Especially if you've been working it too hard lately. Oh heavens, the chafing. You might be thinking "How would you know?"

Heh. Exactly how you think I know.

This guy's hot, I feel weird because he's underage but I'm thinking about making out with him.

LovelyKouga responds:

LOL I can only imagine, literally!

His name's Riley, and yes he is very much underage...good thing making out isn't illegal huh?

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Nov 15, 2012
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