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I Don't Care Anymore

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Dec 4, 2010 | 10:25 PM EST
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Author Comments

I try to make it through my life,
In my way, there's you...
I try to make it through these lies.
And thats all I do.

Just don't deny it, just don't deny it,
And deal with it, yeah, deal with it.
You try to break me,
You want to break me, bit by bit,
That's just part of it.

If you were dead or still alive
I don't care,
I don't care...
And all the things you've left behind
I don't care,
I don't care...

I try to make you see my side,
Always try to stay in line.
But your eyes see right through,
That's all they do.

Im getting tired of this shit
I've got no room when it's like this
What you want of me, Just deal with it.

If you were dead or still alive
I don't care,
I don't care...
And all the things you've left behind
I don't care,
I don't care...

(Cello solo)

(In the background
I'm taking care of me,
I'm taking care of me.
You won't be there for me,
You won't be there for me.

If you were dead or still alive
I don't care,
I don't care...
And all the things you've left behind
I don't care,
I don't care...

If you were dead or still alive
I don't care, (I'm taking care of me,)
I don't care... (I'm taking care of me.)
And all the things you've left behind
I don't care, (You won't be there for me.)
I don't care... At all.

I Don't Care by Apocalyptica
(there's two verson of this song, the one I was listening to was the remake. tch?v=O4OTHh18oTE ))

Well this something I started not to long ago but only gotten around to making the background in the pass three days. But note this that this is not directed at you guys. It directed at the ass holes at my school. I don't get what the hell is their problem with me, I often don't bother them but yet they still do what ever they can to attack me anyway possible. They call me a date rape drug, they throw thing like rocks and metal at me, they make fun of me, they try to take my drawing books as well as make fun of my projects. Like they haven't let me forget when I brought in my dragon in to draw for class which i got high marks on. I do enore them, but in their own way get back at me for that.

Mike goes and keeps farting in my face when I'm doing my work and he does it EVERY TIME he walks by MY deck. EVERY fucken time... One time I got back at him by stabbing him in the ass with my pencil.. now He called me a fucken petaifile when HE'S OLDER THEN FUCKEN ME. Only reason I decided to play his harassment game so when he makes a joke about calling me of being some whore. I make of commit about him fucking the vacuum cleaner.

Demon is a different story, Demon isn't his real name. But there's only one letter difference from the very word, I used to call him by his real name up in until he started attacking me and treating to beat me and/or kill me. He's an ass hole, and he's one those people who give black people a bad name. He's rude, immature, and a pain my ass. If he's not not bulling me, he is bulling the other girls. He favorite thing to do it throw shit like money, paper ball, thrash, pencils and ever rocks at me from the other side the room and he ALWAYS to play it off that it wasn't him. But I know it is because it always stops when he leaves the room. Also he has a habit of grabbing girls when they do not want to be touch and taking their things. I'm probly the only girl he can't get anything from because he knows that I'm more then ready to bite into his arm and I know for a fact that when I bite that I can do A LOT of damage. But when he hurt the other girls in my class I often snap at him to get him to let go of them and come at me. He doesn't grab me like the other girls because I'll bite but has tried to grab my neck as well as tried to slap me. I have reported him many times in the pass 2 to 3 years as well as many other girls. And so far he finally stop calling me his bitch.... and stopped telling everybody I was pregnant with his brat when I never had sex in my life as well would NEVER have sex with HIS kind personally. He's a selfish baster.

Also there are a few others who harass me.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

amazing drawing

Hey there are fucktards like that at every school they harras every girl in my class one of them messed with my gf and I beat the holy shit out of him and they suspended me when he was grabbing my girlfreinds ass and so he don't mess with her anymore but him and his freinds junped me last week I got stabbed with pencils tacks and other sharp stuff and noone saw it so they didn't get in trouble so I broke his nose yesterday so know I'm waitin for him to retaliate