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Well, here's someone - who I think is called Rina-Chan - who I decided to continue on from sketched form because I liked the way that the hair turned out.

Uploading images is a total bitch.


her head looks like rugrats

kodomo no jikan

i love that program, but its rin chan not rina chan, make a mimi or kagami draw
i point less because is RIN CHAN, or you can call her kokoronoe

Lintire responds:

I have... what?


rin is awesome, but can you do kuro-chan too, she is simply adorable, and almost finish show and manga

Lintire responds:

I've never seen the show, to be completely honest.

Epic Loli is Epic.

Rin-Chan! I'm assuming my influence has played a roll into you drawing creating this picture. Fantastic job, great to see some Loli manage it's way into the art portal. (Not enough of it here IMO.)
If you haven't already, you should consider checking out the show, it's fecking Loli-licious.

Anyhow, great job!


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Lintire responds:

Dude you totally had everything to do with it - was meant to be a practice picture for the final result. Didn't actually turn out too bad, and yeah, after drawing a picture of Rin-Chan (which is now memorized forever) I do want to see the show. A loli here, a little loli there...

And everywhere needs a little more loli. Thanks for the review, man :D


There are quite a few things off in the image. The head is too big in relation to everything else. You need more edge to the jaw line that leads up to the ear. Right now the lack of shape is making the head look a little squashed.
There are too many wrinkles on the bathing suit, it kind of looks like she is deflating. Wrinkles in that kind of material should be small or light and you can get away with very few of them.
Her leg posistions are a little weird too, especially the one with the disappearing foot. There should be a bit more foreshortening involved. You may want to look for a reference of the pose next time, or you could take a photo of someone/yourself to see how it works.
Apart from that I think you did the hair quite well, though you could probably have some harder highlights to match the strong shadows.

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Lintire responds:

Snappy response? What snappy response?

Thanks for the crit. Definitely showed through how rushed this was. I'll keep an eye out in future.

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Nov 14, 2010
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